An easy-to-cook method for preparing the excellent Makki Ki Roti

You may have heard of the famous dish “Makki ki roti” if you come from a Punjabi Indian family. This delectable delicacy has earned the hearts of all Indians for years and is ideal for a winter lunch or dinner, especially when paired with Sarson ka Saag.

About Makki Ki Roti

In India, makki ki roti is a flatbread prepared in a tandoor or on a tawa (a flat skillet). In India, Makki is cornflour (ground cornmeal), and Roti is chapatti. Makki di roti are traditional Punjabi flatbreads. The name of this well-known maize flour bread comes from the Punjabi phrase for maize flour: Makki ka atta.

Makki di roti with sarson ka saag, popular punjabi main course recipe in winters made using corn breads mustard leaves curry. served over moody background. selective focus

If you’re wondering whether this is a nutritious dish, be assured it is. When you add Makki ki Roti to your diet, you may meet your body’s vitamin requirements because it includes vitamins A, C, K, and B-complex. In addition, maize flour contains iron, phosphorus, zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins. Makki atta is a fiber-rich wheat that reduces blood sugar rises by allowing sugar to enter the system slowly. Again, if you have gluten tolerance, don’t be concerned. Because Mazie is gluten-free, you can give this recipe a thumbs up! Makki flour is also suitable for thyroid patients since including beta-carotene and selenium aids thyroid function regulation.

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What ingredients will you need to make Makki Ki Roti?

1. 1 cup of Makki Ki Atta (yellow corn flour)
2. Warm Water as required
3. Salt as per taste
4. Carom / Ajwain / Omam – 12 tsp
5. Oil (for making the Roti)

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A step-by-step guide to cooking Makki ki Roti

• To begin, sieve the Makki ka atta to ensure no dirt particles. Then, combine the salt, carom seeds, and Makki ka atta in a mixing dish.
• Slowly add warm water and knead the dough. It must be both soft and firm. However, it should be manageable.
• After that, all you have to do is divide them into little equal balls. Then, place them on a plastic sheet, cover them with another plastic sheet, and wrap them up tightly.
• Carefully remove the plastic and turn it into a heated tawa. Drizzle oil on top and heat till it turns light golden.
• Please remove it from the oven and top it with some butter. Serve immediately.