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Plate Full Of Delight is a food, travel, experiences & lifestyle content platform. We are digital nomads and the complete world is our workplace, classroom, playground and our home. Discover interesting and exciting things to do in your neighbourhood and across the world. From delicious food, makeup product reviews, home remedies to travel inspiration to amazing experiences, we have got you covered!

Plate Full Of Delight About us Deepa Bisht

It is an online lifestyle destination where you’ll find all that is to know on fashion, beauty, travel, cooking, opinions and more.

Think of this blog as your very own, personal front row VIP seat to everything that’s chic, lovely, pretty and light. Made with a hint of personal discovery, a tablespoon of health, a sprinkling of beauty and self-improvement, this site is the perfect recipe for those who love all things sweet and spicy.

Besides, it’s the best way for me to keep updated on daily happenings, trends and turn those things into personal musings. And it won’t stop there….

Hi, I’m Divya Bisht creator of this blog you’re on. First, thanks a lot for reading my blog. This is where I talk about lifestyle, my opinion on things and hopefully get yours as well! Second, a little about myself. After my Mass Communication degree from Delhi University in 2015, I decided that I need to start this blog Platefullofdelight.com.

Plate Full Of Delight About us Deepa Bisht

About The Blogger

I’m born in Almora, Uttrakhand and brought up in Delhi/Ncr. I am a Ncr girl who is sensitive, emotional, and love everything good life has on offer. I have completed my schooling from Kendriya Vidhalaya NO. 1, Hindon Ghaziabad. I have done my training from Hindustan Times, Noida. I love travelling, hang out with my friends, listening to some new tracks, exploring new restaurants and bars etc. I’m really thankful to God for blessing me with the best family as getting a family like mine is a blessing.

Plate Full Of Delight About us Deepa Bisht

Story Behind The Title Of The Blog

When I decided to start my own blog, I was thinking about the name. Then this name Plate Full Of Delight. Here, Plate means Life which is full of Delight such as experience, adventure, roaming, exploring, reviewing new products etc.  Hope you like my concept!

Plate Full Of Delight About us Deepa Bisht

Keep visiting my blog, check out all of the newest updates, blog postings and share your comments. Simply out, consider PFOD your favourite lifestyle haven.

If you share the same passion as ours and wish to contribute in any way, connect us. We are specialist in making blogs on unique food and travel experiences around the world. If you wish to advertise on our platform and reach out to the highly engaged millennial, write to us on deepa@platefullofdelight.com

I hope you love it as much as I do!

XO Team D.B.