Vastu Tips For New Born’s Room

The birth of a newborn baby is a special moment for couples. As a parent, this moment is welcoming and responsibility for the couples to begin arranging about their new born’s well-being, joy, and future. Vastu Shastra is the ongoing study of Vedic since ancient times. This old vedic assists with bringing positive vitality, good karma, and fortune at your home. To arrange a room according to vastu tips for new born’s room you must know about everything. Even your home as per Vastu Shastra you should be very much aware of the headings.

Below Mention 5 Vastu Tips For New Born’s Room

1. Clean Room

clean room for baby

Ensure your child’s room is completely clean and comfortable. This will keep your baby’s well being good. But a clean room regulates good positive vibes for your child. The dirty room gives a negative vibe. Consequently, ensure you tidy up the room conveniently and completely.

2. Choose The Right Colours

There are a few angles to consider while choosing a newborn baby room colours. According to Vastu tips for new born red, yellow and orange shades are not suitable in the northeast corner of the house. These colours will affect your child’s well-being. You can even place plant-like tulsi on the north-east side of the nearer space for your baby’s good health.

baby's room colour plate full of delight
And if your child’s room is arranged in the south segment of your home you can paint the room in tints of pink or red. Make sure to avoid dark colours like black or brown. Pinks, reds, and orange for this situation will enhance a baby’s physical and emotional well-being. You can choose blue and grey ideal shades if your infant is in the western piece of the house.

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3. Mirror at Distance

mirror in cute baby's room
Never place a mirror near or front of the bed of newborn baby. You have to also make sure the bed doesn’t reflect in the mirror. This could give your baby awful dreams or bad dreams. Since reflection is viewed as an imperfection cure in Vastu Shastra, putting it precisely against the bed could bring misfortune.

4. Bed Placement

bed for new born baby plate full of delight
The most important among all Vastu tips for new born to place the bed in the right direction. The bed of your child must be in the south-west direction of the room. The south-west area is considered a positive direction for enhancing child abilities. Make sure to place the baby’s bed in the south or east way and don’t facing towards the entrance of the room.

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5. Air in Room

baby sleeping without any fear plate full of delight
Make the baby room well clean and airy. Windows of the room will bring sunshine to the child. A dull room will bring negative vibes to your child. Make sure your baby gets a positive and healthy environment.

According to vastu tips for new born’s room, west direction of your home is perfect. But if your baby’s room direction is in another direction, make some changes to make a homecoming for your baby. Follow these tips for new born and welcome homecoming with a healthy environment.

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