6 Signs Your BFF Ruining Your Relationship

Friendship is the best phase in everyone’s life. Through friendship your best friend guide all about the right and wrong things. Your best friend becomes part of your family. But, sometimes your BFF ruining your relationship. Jealousy can be seen in friendship and relationships both. Best Friends interrupt in your relationship and make you end up the relationship. Just think twice while taking any decision suggestion given by your friends.

Signs That Your BFF Ruining Your Relationship With Your Partner:

1. They Don’t Want You To Spend More Time With Your Partner

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When you share all your plans with your best friend. They will spoil your plan with your partner by reaching the same planned place. They will also interested to go along with you. In the end, your BFF ruining your relationship perfect date.

2. They Advise You To End It All

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No one relationship is perfect. You will have up and downs similar to life. It’s best to build up a strong relationship with your partner. Solve the issues, instead of ending up things messed up. What if every time your friend insists you to break upon every situation? That’s not good advice for you and your loved ones. In daily life, we deal with daily life challenges and face them. Similarly, discuss the issues to settle and make peace & love with it.

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3. Reminding About Your Past Ex


A good friend always helps you to feel better. They always support and motivate you. But, what if they remind you of the stories of your ex? How you will feel? You move on with your heavy heart from the ex. It’s the most common on-going situations that BFF ruining your relationship and you must take steps to cut off them from your life.

4. They Make Fun Of Your Relationship

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No matter, how much you’re happy in your relationship. Your friends always demotivate you by making both fun of you. Don’t take your best friends opinions seriously. You know your partner better than everyone else. Whenever your BFF ruining your relationship, take your own space with our partner.

5. Speak Negative About Your Partner

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Are your friends always speak negatively about your partners? Do they come up with their mistakes? It indicates clearly to wash your mind about your partner. If they speak negative vibes about your partner, just take a step and walk away from the present conversation.

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6. Insult in Front of Everyone

signs your bff ruining your relationship

When you together hang out with the friends and they insult in front of your partner, it’s about time that you dump them. Your genuine friends will never make you feel low despite your good faith, let alone before somebody you truly like.

So, these are some signs your BFF ruining your relationship. For more relationship advises and suggestions, stay connected!

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