5 Best Jumping Exercises To Lose Weight Upto 2 kgs In A Week

Do you have a party to attend in a week? Are you wondering whether you will be able to fit into your favourite dress? Do these best jumping exercises every day for 20 minutes and I’m sure you’ll shed 2 Kgs in a week’s time. After reading this you must be thinking that your joints will wear off after so much of jumping. Do not worry, your joints will become all the more movable.

5 Best Jumping Exercises to Lose Weight:

1. Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks is one of the best jumping exercises

Many of us have extra fat in our underarms and inner thigh. They hinder us from wearing our favourite dresses. Jumping Jacks are the perfect exercise to get rid of these fat lobes. For a beginner, you should be doing 50 reps in one set and at least five sets. If you have already mastered the basics you should do at least 250 in one set.

2. Burpees

Burpee- jumping exercise plate full of delight

Just like we have all-rounders in cricket, burpee is an exercise which works on the whole body. It especially helps in toning your core body and your legs. For a beginner, you can do 15 to 20 repetitions. For someone who has advanced in the process, you should do at least 50. It works marvellously in toning your body and will surely make you look great in your favourite party wear.

3. Jumping Squats

Jumping squad as jumping exercise plate full of delight

Squats are known to have a magical effect on the inner thigh lobes and the hip. They are very easy exercises and are extremely effective too. For a beginner doing 15 to 20 is more than enough. Do at least 5 repetitions.

4. Skipping

skipping plate full of delight

Many of us must have done this in our childhood, but time has made us forget it. If you want to lose weight in a very small period of time, this is the best exercise for you. It works on the arms, legs, chest, back and shoulders. It’s a complete solution for all the unwanted fat in your body. Beginners should do it for two minutes at a stretch. For someone who is advanced, 3 minutes is advisable. Five repetitions must be done in both cases.

5. High Knees

high knee jumping exercise plate full of delight

High knees are an extremely effective cardio exercise. They help in toning your lower abs, legs and thighs. They also help in increasing the mobility of your knee joints. For a beginner doing 50 will be more than enough whereas if you are an expert, you should do at least 150.

These are some highly effective exercises to lose your weight quickly. After you do these exercises for a week diligently, I am sure you will feel the change that has taken place in your physique. Also, you have to keep a few things in mind while doing best jumping exercises. Please do not do these if you have any leg injury. Most importantly keep in mind that you do these exercises correctly for best possible results. Stay happy and stay fit!

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