Food Items You Should Strictly Evade During Pregnancy

Congratulations and a big shout out to all the mothers to be. You might just crave for all the mouth-watering recipes in the world and go crazy about it, but controlling your tongue for a few months and being extra careful about your diet can be helpful for your child. Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage in a woman’s life, but one cannot avoid the fact it is not that easy on their body. The food consumed by the mother can directly affect the child’s health.

According to a study, all Kinds of packaged and adulterated food items should be avoided during this stage of life. Rather than, a woman can intake of iron-rich products. Here are some Food Items to Avoid During Pregnancy.

Here is a list of food Items to Avoid During Pregnancy:

1. Eggplant

Eggplant plate full of delight

Eggplant is a common food eaten in almost in our household. It is considered to be fundamental in treating premenstrual and amenorrhea disorder. This is why; it is not advisable to a pregnant woman. Though, having them in little amounts once in a while should not pose a problem.

2. Sesame Seeds

sesame seeds plate full of delight

Sesame seeds are used as a medicine for causing abortion. These seeds stimulate the uterine muscle thus causing expulsion of the fertilised ovum. It is recommended to avoid it during the first trimester. Whereas dry fruits such as raisins, almonds, groundnut, walnut, etc are harmless to consume in moderation.

3. Papaya

papaya plate full of delight

Papaya is a fruit which is said to stimulate an abortion hence is proved very dangerous to consume during this period. Raw and unripe papaya contains latex which causes uterine contractions. Also, pepsin and papain content in papaya restricts fetal growth. Hence, avoid this fruit during this stage of life.

4. Pineapple

pineapple and pregnant women plate full of delight

Pineapple contains bromelain which can cause softening of the cervix leading to miscarriage. It is believed that pineapple can get your body heated which can be a reason behind premature birth or abortion.

5. Seafood

sea food plate full of delight

Seafood such as fish contains a high level of mercury which is dangerous for infants. It can damage the brain and the nervous system of the baby. Pregnant women are recommended to avoid the intake of seafood such as walleye, tuna, swordfish, marlin, and shark and so on.

It is tough to keep your hands off from these delightful delicacies but avoiding these food items will help you enjoy a happy and safe pregnancy. Hope, now you know the Food Items to Avoid During Pregnancy to help you and your baby stay fit and healthy.

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