The Perfect Summer Diet Plan for Weight Loss

When the summer season strikes, then your body becomes sweaty and it will be very challenging for you. Besides this, this season will be considered to be the best season to lose your body fat. Therefore, we have come up with an amazing summer diet plan for weight loss that will be beneficial for you if followed properly.

Along with this weight loss plan, you must follow a proper workout regime four times a week to get effective results. Hence you must go with cardiovascular training along with strength training to keep your body fit. Thus we have created a summer diet plan for weight loss that will be low on carbs and high on proteins. So, let us get started!

Follow this ideal summer diet plan for weight loss

 For Breakfast

If you want to lose weight, then you must go with two eggs cooked in avocado oil. To add flavor to your food, you can top this up with a hand full of berries.

corn cup full of berries

Mid-morning Snack

For mid-morning snacks, you must go with the orange fruit with strawberries or any other fruit. You must sprinkle two pinches of Himalayan pink salt on them.

Strawberries for morning breakfast

 For Lunch

It is important for you to go with half a serving of carbohydrates (that includes wheat, rice, sweet potato, pulses) and one serving of proteins (soy, fish, chicken, etc.). Along with these servings, you should also go with two servings of vegetables.

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fish dish source of protein

Mid-evening (pre-workout)

The mid-evening diet plan will include a diet full of nuts. You can go with hazelnuts, pine nuts, and one serving of fruit. This will provide you energy to do work.

Plate full of dry fruits

Post-workout Plan

This plan will include the servings of coconut water along with proteins.

coconut-water for protein


For dinner, you must go with the servings of proteins along with the half serving of carbohydrates. To consume proteins, you can go with chicken, soy, and fish. While for the carbohydrates you must go with the wheat, rice, pulses, etc. along with the two servings of vegetables.

Best diet food for summer weight loss

These are the servings you can take at different intervals of time. Thus, for each individual, the calorie intake will be different and they can keep themselves in a calorie deficit to maintain their diet. The pink salt and coconut water added to the diet will help to balance the electrolytes that will be lost during sweat in summers. This will also help you to keep the energy levels intact during the whole day.

Things that you should not eat during weight loss diet

Breakfast: If you are going out for a long day in a sunny season, then you should avoid eating eggs and nuts. This is because the body temperature will rise when you go out and these foods are high on protein and cause more rise in their body temperature.

avoid eating eggs in sunny day

Lunch: You must avoid oily as well as fatty food in lunch during the summer diet plan for weight loss. Therefore, you just keep yourself away from junk food. This is because it can sabotage your weight loss efforts and may also heat up your body.

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say no to fast food

Dinner: At dinner also, it will be a big no to oily food if you are on a weight loss diet. You should also avoid drinking tea as well as coffee with dinner as it will cause digestion problems in your body.

a-cup-of-is-coffee is not good at night


Here in this blog, we have listed a summer diet plan for weight loss that you can follow to get rid of extra weight. Therefore you must take care of the food you consume that to keep your energy levels intact throughout the whole day.

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