10 Best Places to Visit Near Kasol This Year

Kasol is one of the beautiful places to visit in India. There are various best places to visit in Kasol that are filled with adventure & beauty. Kasol is considered to be the “mini Israel of India’ and a huge number of Israeli people also come to explore this part of Himachal Pradesh. With so many places to visit in Kasol, we have gathered a list of the best places that you must visit here.

List of places that you must visit in Kasol

With so many places to visit in Kasol, we have curated a list of the best out of them. If you love the snowfall, then we recommend you to visit Kasol at the end of December. A huge crowd visit this mesmerizing place every year. So, if you are curated and excited to know the places to visit there, then you must scroll down and read about them.

1. Parvati River

Parvati river kasol

This is one of the amazing places to visit in Kasol as when you reach there, you will see the river embellishes the village and enhances its picturesqueness altogether. The Parvati River takes an ideal tourist attraction though adventurous activities are not allowed here.

2. Nature Park Kasol

Nature Park Kasol

One of the best places to visit is Nature Park in Kasol. Here you can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and worn-out rocks.

3. Camping

Night camping in kasol

I visited woods and bricks and was amazed by the lip-smacking food there. Enjoy the beauty of Kasol and get a chance to trek and camp in mesmerizing views.

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4. Mall Road

Mall Road in kasol

Drive through mall road, set against the lush green hills by visiting the mall road at Kasol. You will find a large number of cafes, offering delicious food with music.

5. Trekking

trekking in Kasol

Trek your way from Kasol to Tosh and get a chance to see the mesmerizing views that make the whole adventure worthwhile.

6. Tosh Waterfall

waterfall in Tosh kasol

If you have a short, yet relaxing vacation then you must visit Tosh waterfall and camp there. It is one of the beautiful places to visit in Kasol and can provide a breathtaking view. Enjoy hiking and other adventurous activities nearby this place.

7. Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley

If you have planned a vacation to Kasol, then you must drive a little and visit Tirthan Valley. It is one of the secluded places located around Kasol and will definitely help you find the refuge that you have been looking for.

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8. Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran temple kasol

Those who are looking for spiritual enlightenment amidst the mountainous beauty, then they must visit Manikaran in Kasol. This site is an ideal pilgrimage site where you will find a gurudwara named Manikaran Sahib. You will find peace and beauty at this place.

9. Chahal Village

Chahal Village Kasol

You will enjoy the Israeli culture of this village. This is a great addition to your Kasol vacay, as you would want to lose yourself in the views around. Here you will get a chance to trek and adventure with spectacular views.

10. Shiv Mandir

Hanuman mandir kasol

This is the other best place to visit in Kasol which is located in the midst of the Himalayas and attracts a huge amount of visitors. It was believed that demi-gods come from the heavens to worship the Lord in the temple and hence it is filled with devotees at the time of Shivratri.

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Kasol is filled with the spectacular beauty of nature. Here in this article, we have listed the best places to visit in Kasol that are filled with mesmerizing views. Whenever you plan a vacation at Kasol, then you must visit these places mentioned in this article.

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