11 Reasons Guys are Afraid to Commit in Relationships

I hope you’re enjoying all the adventures, stories, facts and viewpoints that I’m posting out here. From makeup to vacations, to lifestyle, you name it, I have it! Today, I’m going to tackle this one question that I get asked a lot – ‘why are guys so scared of commitment?’ There has to be some easy way out to know if the guy is the one for you. But, if you haven’t gone that far and are just dating, you still want to know if he’s committed to you or not.

Everyone’s got their own idea of things, so I’ll try answering these questions from my point of view about reasons why boys run away from commitment, so here goes.

1. Think First, Commit Later

Why guys are afraid to commit

Commitment to you or anyone else is better when you take one step at a time. It might be fun and exciting to have a wedding, reception, and honeymoon but after that, you have your whole life ahead of you.

2. Commitment. Maybe Later

commitment quote

There are many guys who don’t like to grow up. Commitment equals maturity, and maturity equals boring! Some guys just want to have fun and would like that fun to go on for a while. You can see this in your twenties, and guys normally like to hit the big 30 before they think about settling down with Ms. Right, kids, family, and a dog named Rufus.

3. Another Girl in Life

Boy checking another girl when with girlfriend

It takes two to make a commitment to work, and if you’re not getting this from him, then there’s probably someone else. Commitment to you means that he is off the market for everyone else, he’s avoiding it altogether – and it could also mean that he has someone else in mind and wants to keep his options open.

4. Work Is His First Love

fear of commitment at work

Sometimes life comes calling. And your guy has other priorities ahead of him that he’d like to accomplish before finally getting to you. It could be work, family, and careers abroad – and if he loves those priorities more, it will show.

5. Just In It For Fun

couple loving in public

Sometimes he might be willing to commit – just not with you. In other words, you may be the right one to date, but not someone he wants to be committed to. Dating is like that, it is hard to face this fact but it is better to move on from him.

6. Slow & Steady

girl and boy black and white picture and sharing love

Eventually, guys do settle down but work at their own pace when it comes to commitment. That is, they want to ease themselves into it. So, pressuring him might make him hate the whole idea of being with you. What you can do is just be patient and give him room to get used to things and here’s why.

7. Too Much vs Too Little

husband is tensed and wife is watching her

If you try locking him down, then you’ll only succeed in pushing him away and if you pretend to not care about commitment, he might actually think you aren’t ready and might move on. You can always tell that he isn’t ready, each time he changes the subject when you are talking about settling down.

8. Very Heavy Heart

Two kids happy scene

Other times, he could be holding onto baggage, of the emotional kind. This could either be from a bad marriage, lost ex-girlfriend, or that he has a kid from another marriage – and these are things that will make him think twice before Commitment.

9. Caution: Commitment Ahead!

Husband giving foot massage to wife

There is a risk involved in commitment. And that’s for both of you. So he might be the one thinking that it’s not worth it, or that it might not work out – so in that case, why bother?

10. The Best Of Pals

Pregnant woman and man saying sorry for mistakes

If he’s a part of a group of friends that do everything together – that’s bad news for you. This is because he’s one of the guys and doesn’t want to be the first to commit, and he wants to be the last man standing – it’s a guy thing. Guys like this usually think that a relationship as a trap.

11. Career Now, Commitment Later

Offering a job to a man

On the other hand, he might be obsessed with his career which is moving full speed ahead, and settling down might ruin it.

So, these were some reasons why boys run away from commitment! What’s your commitment story? Tell me in the comments and make sure you share this with your friends.

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