How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Razor bumps or burns, also known as barber’s itch, are skin irritations. These occur right after an area has been shaved. It causes an itching or burning sensation. Further, it can also infuriate bright red rashes on the impacted skin area. Razor bumps usually show up if you’re using a dull blade or hard soap. Also, if you are shaving dry or if you have a sensitive skin type you may suffer from this issue. Nobody is a fan of Razor bumps. Still, practically everyone goes through this. And that’s why you’re here too. Stay with us till the end of this piece of article, and you’ll know how to get rid of razor bumps.

But before, diving right into solutions, we should first learn the root cause of the problem. So, let’s find out what triggers the razor bumps.

The Root Cause of Razor Bumps?

When we shave any part of our body, we remove the top layer of our skin. And that can cause micro-injuries. Then as the new skin starts to grow over the micro-injury, it traps the hair. Thereafter, the ingrown hairs are caused when hair produces into your skin. They can cause bumps on the skin. Then, you’re left with impatience, burning, dryness, and redness.. Not exactly the look you were going for.

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How to Remove Razor Bumps Fast?

Now when we have a basic idea about how razor bumps form let’s explore ways to get rid of razor bumps.

1. Keep Patience

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Under usual circumstances, razor burn and razor bumps should go away in a day or two. It’s not a good idea to goof around the razor bumps. Thus, we recommend you avoid shaving the affected areas while it is still red or has bumps.
Try to shave less often to counteract bumps. Just once or twice a week will be sufficient. But if you need to keep a clean-shaven look you should keep at least two days of a gap in between your shaving days.

2. Moisturise Your Skin

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After shaving, caress your skin dry with a clean towel. Then we recommend applying a moisturiser. Moisturising your skin will hydrate, soften, and protect your skin. It will also ease any itching you have got due to razor burn or razor bumps. Nevertheless, we also advise a type of moisturiser that is alcohol-free to avoid irritating your skin further.
A moisturiser based on aloe vera extract or shea butter can help smooth and hydrate the skin. However, you should note that your skin type may not be tolerant of all moisturisers. As a result, you may have an allergic reaction to a particular type of moisturiser. On the other hand, it could also block your hair follicles, prompting more ingrown hairs. You should positively stop the use of any product that induces these side effects.

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3. Apply a Cool Compress


After shaving, you should wet your washcloth with cool water and put it on the shaved area for a few minutes. This will contain and lessen redness and pain from razor rash by comforting your skin.

4. Release Ingrown Hairs

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As we mentioned earlier, ingrown hairs are among the primmest reasons behind razor bumps. Therefore, getting your ingrown hair removed is a great way to get rid of razor bumps. To prevent ingrown hairs you can consider exfoliation. Exfoliating discharges the dead skin cells that could obstruct skin pores. And it also helps elevate the hairs away from the skin. As a result, the razor gets to reach closer to the skin. It’s crucial to exfoliate no especially before you shave.

However, we advise against using needles or tweezers to shovel out the ingrown hair. This can prompt bacterial infections and scarring.

5. Use a Topical Cream

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A topical steroid works wonder treating razor bumps that look inflamed or are taking extra time to heal. These creams can instantly decrease inflammation. You can find hydrocortisone creams at any of your local drug stores.

6. A Few Home Remedies

Sometimes a razor bump just refuses to go away and keep inflicting irritating burn for days or even a week. To fight such situations you can employ quite a few home remedies. Such razor burn home remedies include:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Coconut oil
  • Aloe vera extract
  • Epsom salt
  • Cucumber and Milk
  • Witch hazel
  • Tea tree oil

Again, your skin type may not be receptive to every element mentioned in the list above. Therefore, before using this to treat your razor burn, you should run a small patch test on your skin to make sure you won’t have an allergic reaction.

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How to Block Razor Bumps in the Future

Prevention is always better than a cure. Hence, we thought you better be informed about some preventive measures you can take to block razor bumps from happening. And here you go:

Primary Measures:

  • Wet the skin and hair with warm water
  • Use a sharpened blade
  • Don’t shave dry, always use a shaving gel
  • Shave in one direction. The direction towards the hair is growing
  • Moisturise the skin after shaving

Secondary Measures:

  • Wash off facial oil
  • Stay hydrated
  • Clean your face frequently
  • Use suitable facewash before going to bed
  • Avoid touching your face. Make a point of washing or sanitising your hand before touching your face

Though the content you went through how to get rid of razor bumps thoroughly researched we recommend consulting a specialist before applying them. As we mentioned repeatedly throughout this piece of article, different people possess different skin types. And the article we featured here isn’t focused on any particular type. Rather it is an overall briefing of tactics that have proved to be useful in treating and preventing the said discomfort.

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