Planning for a weekend trip? choose paragliding in Bir Billing this time

If you want to fly like a bird, Bir Billing trip is all that you should plan for. 

So it was my birthday month and I was looking for an outing with my close friends. I still remember it was 2nd April 2017 when I was checking my Facebook account and got to know about a weekend package trip of a travel agency. I was surprised by the offers and asked my friends to plan a trip. Things that attracted me towards this offer were camping, trekking, and obviously paragliding.

After so many yes’s and no’s, we came to know that we are finally going for this adventurous trip and heading towards the world’s 2nd best place for paragliding, Bir Billing India. We packed our bags and left home to explore this beautiful location. We boarded the bus in the evening and reached Bir the next morning at 11 AM. Paragliding in Bir Billing is real fun when you plan it with your friends.

Here’s some important points for paragliding in Bir Billing:

Bir Billing with friends plate full of delight

We checked into a hotel for freshening up, we went for lunch. We all were so hungry and we ate food like we haven’t got it for months. After satisfying our tummy, we went for a little walk and saw so many paragliders flying in the sky as it was our first time to see this LIVE. We took so many pictures as we four of us were amazed when we saw the paraglider’s stunts.

After this so-called walk, we pulled our socks to get started with a big journey and it was trekking. That day, I got to know that trekking is not that easy as it seems in movies as we have to carry a water bottle and a trekking pole to trek in a good way. We finally did the trekking and got tired like anything. We then reached the campsite to spend the night under the sky.

Trekking in Bir Billling Plate full of delight

At night, Bonfire arrangement was done by the team and then we spend some time sitting in a circle around the fire. Some of us were dancing around the fire and some were singing. After the bonfire, we had dinner and then we went to our camp because the next day was going to be special for us so we planned to sleep soon.

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Bonfire in Bir Billing

Next day we all got ready for the paragliding. We reached the location and all of us were nervous but all the safety precautions were taken care of by the team. Our paragliding organisers told us to get ready for the take-off. One by one all my friends started to leave for their ride and they too were afraid as I was. I was the last one to go for the ride. My heartbeat became unhinged and my whole body started shivering like anything. My pilot told me to take 3 steps and jump off the cliff with him. I was totally hopeless at that time; I started the video camera which was attached to a selfie stick. Two other organisers pushed me from back to help me in taking off.

Pargliding in bir billing with friends

I can’t explain the feeling that I had in the air. All the fear just got disappeared when I started to fly in the sky. The pilot told me to look down and I listened to his words as I was wondering at that moment if I didn’t listen to his words, he might push me down in frustration. Looking down from such a height gives a little confidence in you as it is a lifetime experience. I started singing and shouted like I was the queen of that area.

Paragliding experience in Bir Billing

After a few minutes, I stopped shouting and started singing. In the sky, I was just enjoying the beauty of nature and fresh air. I was really pleased with the whole wonderful experience of mine. The pilot asked me “Jigra hai kya” (Here he was asking me for the stunts in the air) and I was like “Nahi bhaiya Jigra piche reh gaya”. After 25 minutes of the ride in the sky, I landed to the Bir safely.

Bir billing paragliding experience

The best part of Bir Billing is obviously the paragliding. Visiting this place and not doing paragliding is just like going to Nainital and not visiting the Nainital Lake. Paragliding in Bir Billing was a new adventure for me. I must say, everyone should try this adventurous trip and experience the Paragliding until someone is having any medical condition or problem with heights.

Paragliding experience in Himanchal

Tip: Make sure not to eat heavily when going for paragliding. Do wear a jacket while you are going for the ride even if it is a warm day because you can feel cold up in the air.

Are you also planning for a weekend trip? Choose paragliding in Bir Billing this time without any second thought in mind.

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