How to stay fit and healthy in the office

Obesity is a common problem and is rising across the world. Our busy schedules often play a big role in our inability to stay fit. If your weekdays are spent by sitting on the same desk and working till the deadline completes, then you are inviting some diseases and injuries which will be harmful to your body. Don’t panic because you can keep your body fit and away from the diseases just by using these tips to stay fit and healthy in the office. These exercises will really work and your body will not be affected by your desk job either.

Tips to stay fit and healthy in the office

1. Take Small Breaks

Take small breaks

Every hour, get up from your desk and go for small walk. This way your body will move and you can protect your body by harmful pains in future.

2. Choose Staircase Instead Of Lift

Choose staircase instead of lift

Instead of choosing escalators or elevators, you should use staircase while going up and down. Unless you work on the top floor of the building, mind that escalators and elevators are your enemies.

3. Walk After Having Lunch

Walk after having lunch

Invest half of your lunch time for walking. Remember, here I am telling to walk and not to run. Running just after lunch is harmful for your body.

4. Wake Up Early

Wake up early

At work, you don’t have time for yourself, so you need to get up early to do yoga, cardio or exercises. Instead of making it a duty, make it your habit.

5. Set Alarms On Your Phone

Set alarms on your phone at work

Set alarms every hour. This will remind you that now you should go for a little walk or stretch out.

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6. Walk While You Talk On Phone

Walk while you talk on phone

Since many of us talk on mobile phones at work whether we are talking to our client or any other person, at that time, you need to stand up and walk when you are talking.

 7.  Drink More Water

Drink more water

Drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water when you are at work. This will make you refresh all the day and less tempted to the oily and unhealthy snacks full of calories.

8. Go For Healthy Meal At Work

healthy meal at work

When at desk, focus on having healthy food such as vegetable salad, fruits especially apple or orange. Make it a need to have only homemade food. Not only this, you can keep handy a stash of nuts or dry fruits instead of buying candy bars or chocolates.

9. Herbal Teas are a Necessity

Herbal teas are a necessity at work

Forget the coffee or tea breaks with your colleagues or office buddies. Start drinking herbal teas like verbena, green tea etc. You will get more energy after sipping it.

10. Skip Food Restaurants

Skip food restaurants

Food at restaurants is fully loaded with extra salt and sugar which is unlikely, not healthier than homemade food. Better to have food at home. Go for the junk food once in a month only.

Workout At Work

If you sit in your chair it is very important to give your body sometime in between. Go away from your computer screen and perform some gentle exercise. Throwing some punches is a great calorie burner; wait not at your colleagues, of course. Your body will feel relaxed after this and all the stress hormones will release out. Here is a few exercises you can do at work.

  •  Shoulder circles
  •  Squats
  • Arm circles
  • Low side to side lunge
  • Walking on high knees for 1 minute

If you are looking for tips to stay fit and healthy in the office, you need to read this blog. Also, you can suggestion anything in the comment in the space below.

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