Places to explore for winter destinations in India

Winters are the season for which everyone waits all year in India and is almost knocking our doors. Don’t you think, it is a time for planning your next vacation? Come out from your warm blankets and pack your bags for an excursion. Because winters are not only about drinking hot tea while sitting in your room with room heaters, but also about planning a trip to get a break from boring 9 to 6 schedule. If you are a Globetrotter and planning a tour, then these are some winter destinations in India.

I am going to share some winter destinations in India.

1. Shimla

Shimla UK plate full of delight

If you are planning a romantic getaway, then ‘Queen of hills’, Shimla can be the best option for you. The comfy feel offered by the chilled weather turns the atmosphere more romantic. Further, this place is not only meant for the lovebirds, singles can also explore this place. In this season, this place is covered with a snow layer which makes a traveller attracts towards it.

2. Manali

Manali Plate full of delight

Manali looks completely beautiful as it is dressed in snow. This gorgeous hill station will give tons of reasons to be here. Although, you will miss Rohtang pass visit because it remains closed for this season. But don’t be dismayed, because you have other places to visit there such as Solang Valley, Hadimba temple, etc.

3. Andaman

Andaman island plate full of delight

Andaman is totally different from any of the beaches in India. It is perfect for those who are looking for a less crowded beach location in the lap of Mother India. The peacefulness of this place is attracting many travellers. Visitors can indulge in water sports such as snorkeling and swimming.

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4. Auli

Auli plate full of delight

Auli is the famous for skiing slopes and is located in UK (Uttarakhand) of India. The best time in winters to visit Auli is January and February. Not only this, from January to March, you can see the national and international ski festivals arrangement here. Though it is a small place, the skiing experience you get here will last forever.

5. Rajasthan

Rajasthan or Jaisalmer plate full of delight

Heading towards the deserts in shivering winters is not a bad idea either. This is because the charm of Rajasthan can never diminish, be it summers or winter season. You can go Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, as these cities have a pleasant climate at the end of the year.  So when your friends are planning for the hilly place, go to this amazing city without giving it a second thought. Watching a puppet show and camel ride would be a better option than wearing woollen clothes.

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6. Kerala

Kerala plate full of delight

The beauty of Kerala cannot be mentioned in words. This place is so mesmerising that you can visit here in any season but the view here in winters is totally worth it. There is surely something for everyone here, wildlife reserves for wildlife lovers, hill stations for nature fans, beaches for the sun-worshippers, and backwaters for the leisure seekers. So, go and get your tickets booked right away.

7. Nainital

nainital UK Plate full of delight

Being it my native place, I have seen almost every corner of this beautiful tourist destination. This is the main reason why I would suggest you visit here once as Nainital is a beautiful place as it receives a lot of snowfall in winters. It looks like a fairyland when covered with snow. If you are a newlywed couple and looking for a place to visit, then Nainital is the best.

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8. Dalhousie

Dalhousie UK

Dalhousie is a beauty which charms up in winter’s season most. If you want to escape the pollution and noise then enjoy the scenic beauty, streams, and mountains of Dalhousie. You can go for taking a drive at Sach Pass, boat ride at Chamera Lake, etc.

9. Goa

Goa plate full of delight

Everything that describes an electrifying atmosphere such as loud parties, appetising dishes, and the insane crowd, all are available here in Goa. The high spirits of Goa are exposed at this time of year because the Christmas carnival and New Year Eve is around the corner. But before heading for the Goa trip, don’t forget to book the tickets well in advance to avoid the last minute chaos.

10. Patnitop


You cannot miss out Patnitop in the list of winter vacation trips. This amazing destination is situated in the heaven of India. In this season, the entire Patnitop town is blanketed with a layer of snow. This snow-clad town of Kashmir is indeed a picture-perfect destination for a winter getaway. You can visit Naag Mandir, Sansar Lake, Nathatop, etc. to explore.

There are many other winter destinations in India which are perfect for a winter getaway, but as per my thinking, mentioned all are the best ones out of them.

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