Starbucks Coffee Experience: A Perfect Gossip Partner

Coffee is a lifesaver for me. Being a diet-conscious girl, I believe in having tasty and healthy food. I love black coffee and prefer having it before my gym class otherwise, 3 cups of my dark love is my normal power dose, to make my day going. This is my first blog and I am not writing about my unconditional love for black coffee but about my Starbucks coffee experience of having the most amazing cold coffee yet.

Weekends are made to keep in touch with friends and to get ready ourselves for the Monday blues, so I decided to catch up with one of my friends. We met at the centre of Delhi and we started looking for an outlet because our stomach was demanding. I usually don’t like cold coffee but that friend of mine is a big cold coffee lover, so she recommended me  Starbucks. I had no option left but to go with her because the time was 10:30 AM. Usually, other outlets open after 12 pm at Connaught Place.

Read My Starbucks Coffee Experience:

Plate full of delight having coffee-min

So to satisfy our tummy, we went to Starbucks and ordered cold coffee from the counter. The girl at the counter was so friendly and talked like we know her for a long time. She took our order and asked us to wait for the order to arrive. After 5 to 10 minutes, our order was ready. And we start drinking it. Trust me, with the very first sip, I realize it was just amazing. It was encouraged us to do more bitching about the annoying people of our life. I was surprised by its delectable taste and aroma. It was totally my cup of coffee.

Starbucks coffee

As you can see the pictures, how mouth-watering it is looking. This cold coffee had something special in it and the whipped cream made the taste more magical. All the weekday’s stress just vanished with this beverage. After this meeting, I agree that Coffee is a perfect gossip partner.
So, this is my Starbucks coffee experience. We enjoyed the coffee and recommend you give it a try. Whenever you feel like low, go to Starbucks and order this cold coffee. I must thank the staff for serving us with the best service. I know you will also love their service.

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