Why Today’s Youth Is Less Interested In Marriage

As we all know, we live in a surrounding where marriages are taken as a top priority for any young girls or even boys. As time passes and they grow older day by day, people and relatives ask reasons for not getting married. As we see, our parents get a happy feeling when they tie the holy knot of their children. But what they don`t know is that we Youth Are Not Interested In Marriage Life.

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Apart from that environment, we are gradually entering an environment where the marital age is getting new definition and youth are more interested in finding their life partner on their own. There was a time getting married at an earlier age were a trend and more likely equal to rule. This rule used to push most of the people to sacrifice their life and career also. Before they reach the age of 20 or mid of 20 they used to hear discussions of their marriage in the house.

While nowadays youth have believed in the mantra of late marriage in India. Today I am going to discuss and focus on some of the reasons why youth are not interested in getting married.

 Reasons why Youth are not Interested in Marriage Life:

1. Focus on Career

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Today`s youth are interested in focusing on their career more than marriages, the result of the survey said that youth have less time for any other thing apart from the marriage. They hardly get time on Sundays, they spend Sunday with friends or sleeping. Nowadays, marriage is getting backseat, and girls and boys are focusing on their careers so they can be independent and not interested in marriage life.

2. Disaster Examples

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Some of the marriages could not survive because of any misunderstanding or cause of any reason. Some people have seen disaster examples in their families also and they want to feel the same as well. This is the main reason for youth not interested in marriage life.

3. Plenty of Options

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Choosing the right partner is a big deal and when it’s a point of life it’s really important. Nowadays, the alliance can be available online, you don’t have to search here and there. With account registration, you can come up with lots of options.

4. Pressure and Feeling to Lose

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Well, you think you are independent and consider yourself mature, but some of the people don’t want to lose their independence and give to their partner also.

5. Roles to Play

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In our society, it is believed to put parenting pressure on mothers. Not only this but also cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. There’s too much to handle for women.

6. Privacy

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The next mantra to apply the late marriage mantra is privacy. Everyone needs the freedom to give time to their hobbies, interest, and any social engagements that don’t involve their partner. Many of the couples don’t like to involve in these kinds of activities.

7. Freedom for Choice

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The next cause of Youth who are not interested in marriage is freedom of choice. From the past year, parents used to fix the alliance, the bride, and groom used to meet only after their marriage. But nowadays, maximum profiles uploaded online are by boys and girls, not by their parents.

8. The Trend of Live in

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Most of the couples now apply for the live-in approach before the marriage. They called this building and strengthen the bond of friendship. It is easy to get a break-up if you can’t live together or think that you are not for each other.

9. Busy in Finding Themselves

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By the time passes, we are accepting the fact that we live alone, we die alone, and all beauty is just an illusion for them.

10. Don’t Want to Commit

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Insecurity is the most dangerous thing. That is why we don’t want to get committed. Because commitment is the thing we rely on but nowadays it’s not true.

Apart from these reasons why Youth are Not Interested in Marriage, there many other reasons youth are less interested in settle down.

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