My Take on Kareena Kapoor’s New Radio Show

This is what went through my mind when I first heard that the actress was now working as a radio jockey. We’ve seen this happen before, our favourite Bollywood stars doing what they can to reinvent themselves or reboot their careers. Usually, that’s got to do with staying in the media, but some celebs have been known to break this ground rule! Kareena Kapoor’s New Radio Show is sponsored by Dabur Amla and airs on the Ishq FM @IshqFM radio channel. You can catch up on what you missed on YouTube as well.

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What The Show is All About

Bebo is the host of the show called ‘What Women Want’, and revolves around ‘bare it all’ conversations with celebrity guests. She talks about everything else other than movies and careers like tips for new moms, foods and the like. 
 The media first got new about this through on Instagram describing how Bebo was set to take queries from callers. The caption read ‘Go ahead call her and ask her about #taimuralikhan #kareenakapoorkhan is the new RJ with Ishq FM @viralbhayani’

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Is Kareena Right For This Role?

Well, the actress’ outspoken, bindaas nature makes her an ideal fit as she adds that extra sass in an entertaining way. The way each conversation is carried out doesn’t make them seem like they’re pre-packaged or rehearsed in any way. So the host and her guest give you exactly what you’re seeing.

My take on kareena kapoor’s new radio show- plate full of delight

Do I Like It?

Absolutely, the show takes on a progressive look. Other Bollywood stars have done the same thing too. First, there’s Neha Dhupia’s ‘No Filter Neha’ which is an audio chat show and features several names we’re familiar with. Then there’s Karan Johar with ‘Calling Karan’ followed by Anaita Shroff Adajania’s radio tryst. No issues with these shows either. Karan talked about love, marriage and now Kareena wishes to talks about marriage too but on a more serious note.
She will also discuss kids, the MeToo movement and other surprising topics too -a first for Kareena. Its intended to put women and their opinion in the forefront. Her show is a fresh take after two seasons of Calling Karna, also aired on the same channel. Chats to be watched the ones featuring big sis Karishma, Soha Ali Khan Pataudi, and Sonam Kapoor.

kareena with soha ali khan


So tune with Kareena Kapoor’s New Radio Show or watch marathon episodes online and let me know what you think. What’s your favourite chat and why do you like it.

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