DIY Makeup Tips To Never Follow At Home

I guess you could call me DIY makeup tips obsessed person, especially when it comes to beauty. See the thing is that I save money, time and yes, they’re also effective. Another plus point is that I don’t have to worry about side effects. And it feels luxurious too – whipping up face masks using ingredients that are honest. It’s the same with my nails too. I prefer doing them at home and I have to say that I’m getting pretty good at nail art too!! I only step into a salon when I have a special occasion to attend or want to try out new gels, or acrylics.

That being said, I do think that certain beauty treatments are best handled by the experts; I think you’d agree with me even if you think that you’re pretty good at it. Sometimes those DIY  tips meant for your skin or hair may not be worth the time: that the salon will do a better job. You may be right. But in other instances, attempting to do professional treatments on your own could lead to loads of damage instead of those ‘shiny’ results you had in mind!!! What am I talking about?

DIY Makeup Tips That You Shouldn’t Do On Your Own:

1. Tinting Your Lashes

Never tint Your Lashes at home

So, this one is still new. It’s where you get lashes that are thicker, richer, fuller by using hair colouring. It’s good for people who don’t want to use mascara everyday or who have thinner, ‘not really there’ eyelashes.

If you’re not familiar with this; you know how you have brow tinting? Where you colour your brows either to match your new hair colour or just to define them? Well, the trend now is to do same thing with lashes too.

But it’s easy for eyebrows, as long as you’re neat and tidy, careful, and don’t stain your skin. When it’s your lashes however, things are better left to the professionals. Can you imagine trying to apply hair colour to your lashes, one at a time and waiting for it to work??

2. Colouring or Highlighting Your Own Hair

Never Colouring or Highlighting Your Own Hair

There maybe some debate around this one as lots of people do this at home and a pretty good job at that too!! You do get a lot of those boxes, kits in the stores. Look online and you’ll even find tutorials that show you how to do it right as well.

Honestly, do you ever see the results of those videos?? I think there’s nothing better than a good hair colourist and if you want natural, lasting colour then the salon is worth the extra bucks. There are these horror stories I read online about how people leave bleach in their hair for too long. The result is that their hair burned off!! Remind me to make that appointment!

3. Derma Rolling To Perfect Skin

Never Derma Rolling To Perfect Skin

This beauty treatment gives you flawless, younger skin. It’s the compact version of micro needling. ICYMI => In micro needling, you simulate the skin’s natural ‘wound healing’ process by creating very tiny cuts on the top most layer of your skin. This generates new and better skin cells.

Don’t worry, it’s not as painful or scary as it sounds. It’s minimally invasive and you don’t feel a thing as your skin is covered first with an anaesthetic gel. The idea behind this is to get your body to produce a natural substance called collagen. This substance is what really does all the work in giving you skin that’s new.

This has been around for centuries actually, in the form of acupuncture. Of course, no one has the time to sit around with needles in their face! So dermatologists developed a smaller, faster version of it. Thank You, Science! It’s also worth the splurge too and cures acne, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation – wow! Definitely trying out this one soon.

Experts say that you need to visit a skin clinic for this. If your skin isn’t cleaned and disinfected before the process, you could spread bacteria deeper into your skin. This is one of the best DIY makeup tips that you should never follow at home.

4. Removing Gel Nails

Never Removing Gel Nails

Remember how I said that I go to the salon some times. Well, getting a fresh set of gel nails is one such time. I have done this once at home and the results weren’t too good. Besides, I didn’t have all the tools either and had to go to a salon to get them removed. Lesson learned the hard way. Gel nails have to be removed a certain way and only your manicurist knows how. Ripping them off is dangerous as you destroy nail beds and might actually pull off a nail too. Ouch!

5. Fresh, Chemical Peel Reveals

Fresh, Chemical Peel Reveals

All professional grade chemical peels have two things common – the price of the procedure and the strength of one. So people end up buying an acid peel themselves and do everything at home.

But here’s the tricky part: how do you know which peel is right for you? Or how long should the solution sit on your face? Or how often are you supposed to use the solution?

You’ve got a lot of commercially available options from premium skin care lines. They do consist primarily of acid that reacts differently with every skin type. That’s why you need to let your dermatologist handle this one.

5. Scrubbing Away With Microdermabrasion

Never Scrubbing Away With Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a process that uses abrasion tools to smooth away dead skin cells, exposing the fresh skin underneath. Here you actually see layers of skin being ‘brushed’ off by this tool and sent into a small tub to be disposed off. The tool that’s used has a powerful scrubbing, sucking action that lifts old skin off, just like a vacuum cleaner.

So why would you want to do something like that at home, right? Yet surprisingly, people do buy these so called Microdermabrasion scrubs and even the devices too. Sounds tempting. Dermatologists don’t recommend it. That’s because if you don’ know what you’re doing, things can go very bad, very quickly.

We’re talking redness, swelling, striping and tearing of the skin. FYI, striping is when you have these red, sore lines across your face where the Microdermabrasion tool was used. These red lines turn into scabs and worsen the scarring that you tried fixing in the first place. This usually happens when you use the device with the wrong settings or on sensitive, broken skin.

The price of beauty, right? Do you have any horror stories of your own or have beauty secret that works. DIY makeup tips can be harmful for you, let me know about your take on these beauty nightmares. Fact or fiction?

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