Things you should do immediately to get over a breakup

Whether you are the one who ended the relationship or the one who was left heartbroken, a breakup is tough in every manner. Post-breakup, you may feel alone or angry, but try to stay positive and get over a breakup.

I broke up with someone whom I still cared and this feeling almost killed me. I loved him very much, but that relationship did not work well. On the very last day, we had a long discussion about how we weren’t compatible with each other. And after that, a new challenge was waiting for me and that how to deal with the breakup.

Here is how I dealt with getting over a breakup and came out of it.

1. Remove or block him from all social media ASAP

Girl checking phone and messaging ex boyfriend

If you really want to move on, block him from your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts. Because whenever you enter the first letter of his name into the search bar looking for someone else, and his profile pops up first, this can make you feel really bad and can change your happy mood to bad. However, if you don’t want to remove him, ask your close friend to change your passwords and take a small break from social life.

2. Let yourself cry

Girl is sad after breakup

The second thing you need to do is whenever you feel like crying, don’t stop it. Yes, don’t bottle up your emotions. You might feel like your world has changed upside down and that will never be the same again. At that time, you might get demotivated and restless. It’s okay to feel sad and sobbing after the split as it will take time to get over it.

3. Don’t marry or date the next person you meet

dating after breakup is not good

With the aim of taking revenge, don’t just date or marry the next person you meet or find attractive. After a painful breakup take some time to get the real you back and then plan for a relationship when you are mentally prepared for it.

 4. Don’t stay at home

pinterest pose rhpinterestcom pretty winter day with two stylish girls and balloons! where can pretty Picture Ideas With 2 Friends winter day with two stylish girls
Many experts believe that keeping yourself too busy is a great way to get over from painful memories of the past. Do something which makes you feel happy. You can plan some party and outing with your friends. If you will have so many things to do, you won’t even have time to think about your ex.

5. Don’t keep reminders around

breakup with a serious relationship
Delete all your posts and pictures from social media which reminds you of your ex. Donate all the gifts given by him, that teddy bear, clothes, ornaments, or any other stuff so that you feel relax. This will give you time to set a new schedule and adjust to being single.

6. Go on a trip

Go to a trip with your friend squad after a heart wrenching breakup

Go somewhere, where you wanted to go for a long time. Remember, now you can explore the world and nobody is going to ask about your current location. Do a solo trip or plan a trip with your friend circle. This way you will become mentally strong.

7. Start reading an amazing novel

reading novel is important after breakup

There is no better way to forget your worries than losing yourself in a good novel. Read inspirational and motivational things. Also, read I too had a love story, and Can love happen twice? by Ravinder Singh. And you will really feel good after reading these great novels.

8. Appreciate the positive things about your relationship

appreciate the good things you get from your ex

Do thank your past for being your partner in the journey and move on.  He/she had come to your life to teach you a lesson about which you will get to know after some time.

So, these are the heart wrenching breakup hacks which can help. Just walk out. The whole world is waiting for you.

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