Sharing My Current Skincare Routine

Wise people say that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of make-up and I found it to be true. From the last few months, I have been following a proper skincare routine and the results are very impressive. I am noticing a positive improvement in my skin. It is healthier now and the Pimples & Acne have also stopped to appear. Guys, believe me, it hardly takes some minutes in a day and you can cut the use of those expensive makeup products from your daily Skincare Routine which you apply to hide the dullness of your skin.

Below is My Skincare Routine to Give a Glowing and Fabulous Skin.

1. If I start from the morning, I wash my face with cold water as soon as I get out of my bed. A splash of cool water will help me to remove that puffiness on the face which we all notice after waking up.

sharing my skincare routine

2. This is followed by applying some rosewater. Rosewater is like a medicine to your skin which helps you to get a natural glow and you will also feel fresh.

Rose water for skincare

3. Once I take a bath, I never forget to apply a good moisturizer to my whole body. It is essential for our body and you should never skip it. To reduce the dryness, I use the moisturizer on my face before applying any kind of makeup.

Skincare products

4. When I go out, I apply a good sunscreen having an SPF of 30+. I apply it at least before 20 minutes of going out as it takes time to get absorbed into the skin. Then I cover my face with a cotton scarf and hands with gloves in order to protect my skin from harmful sun rays.

Woman applying sunblock protection on shoulders

5. When I come back home from work, I wash my with a good face wash and apply moisturiser on it again. I just can’t say no to a moisturiser.

woman washing her face

6. At night, no matter how tired I am, I remove all my makeup with a makeup removing cream and then wash my face with a mild face wash. After that, I apply a face serum on my face which I have prepared by myself.

Girl trying to sleep insomnia

So this was my skincare routine. Now here are some quick tips for me regarding perfect skincare.

  • Have personal makeup products and avoid sharing them with others. As the person, you share your makeup with can carry harmful bacteria which can cause skin infection, Pimples, or Acne on your face.

Makeup products for daily use

  • Keep checking the expiry date of the products you use and never use them after their life is over.

Never use expired products

  • Use a separate comb, towel, and makeup brushes.

Using towel after washing face

  • Never use soap to wash the face as it is too harsh for the skin. Use a mild face wash 2 times a day to clean the face.

Soaps are harmful for skin

  •   Your skin reflects what you eat so always eat healthy and nutritious food. Avoid consuming oily or fast food as this kind of food may gift you Pimples and Achenes.

Avoid junk food for flawless skin

Follow these tips to avoid visiting the parlours regularly to get that expensive cleanup, facial, or spas. You can also share your skincare routine in the comment section below.

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