Here are The Ultimate Questions For “Never Have I Ever” Game

Is it again your turn to host a game and you are running out of ideas? If you think board games and card games are getting old, get you can go with a verbal game called ‘Never Have I Ever’. This game will help you to make the gathering fun. This game will be the perfect icebreaker! If you are looking for a list of Never Have I Ever questions, you are at the right place.

This broad list is sure to lead any group to hours of fun. Let’s have a look to the best never have I ever questions. Gather your friends to play this game and before that let’s jump into the game rules first.

Never Have I Ever is an easy, clean, safe and fun game by using the point system.

•     In this, each player should start with 10 points.
•     When the question pops up saying something like, “Never Have I Ever spend time in jail”, each person who spends time in jail loses a point.
•    The game lasts until everyone but one person is out of points; the player who has the points is the champion.
•    You can choose a specific number of rounds if you would rather and then will person with the most points left at the end of the rounds wins the game.

never have i ever game cards

Some of My Favourite Never Have I Ever Questions are:

  1.  Made money illegally
    2.    Facebook stalked an ex
    3.    Spent a night in the hospital
    4.    Kissed on the first date
    5.    Woken up in a strange place
    6.    Purposely given someone the wrong contact number
    7.    Shaved my head bald
    8.    Knowingly run a red light
    9.    Clogged someone else’s toilet
    10.    Made up an excuse to leave a boring party early
    11.    Worn someone else’s underwear
    12.    Been to a night club after 1 am
    13.    Gone Paragliding
    14.    Had a crush on someone else’s spouse
    15.    Gotten fired from a job
    16.    Changed a baby’s diaper
    17.    Tried to break into someone’s password protected email
    18.    Been called to the Principal’s office
    19.    Copied from someone else’s paper
    20.    Jumped into the water from a boat
    21.    Forged my parent’s signature
    22.    Played a prank on a teacher
    23.    Eaten my boogers
    24.    Fed my dinner to the dog when Mom wasn’t looking
    25.    Gone to school without brushing my teeth

girl and boy playing game

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26.  Has a conversation with an animal
27.    Been to a haunted place
28.    Practiced kissing on a mirror
29.    Read someone’s personal diary
30.    Had an open relationship
31.    Kissed someone of the same sex
32.    Pressured someone into getting a piercing or tattoo
33.    Walked out of a movie because it was boring
34.    Read a whole novel in one day
35.    Peed in the pool
36.    Been to a fashion show
37.    Stolen something from a restaurant or hotel
38.    Fainted
39.    Had a bad allergic reaction
40.   Looked through someone else’s phone without their permission
41.    Been on TV
42.    Gotten stitches
43.    Jumped from a roof
44.    Done something I regret
45.    Lied to my parents about where I’m going
46.    Been stuck in a lift with stranger
47.    Been in love with my teacher in college or school
48.    Seen a topless on the beach
49.    Made out in a bus
50.    Peed in my pants

celebrities playing game

This game can be played indoors or outdoors. There are different versions of this game, no matter which version you are playing make sure to keep things relatively fun and light.

Let us know in the comment section below if you know some Never Have I Ever Questions. 

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