How To Get Pretty Hair At Every Stage Of Life

We’re always quick to notice someone’s hair or how thick, wavy, curly it is. But have you noticed how younger men and women tend to have really Good Hair Growth, while older people don’t? It could be the genes, but it’s also to do with your age. You see, the cells that give us healthy, strong hair slow down as you get older. There’s a solution to this and it involves a lot of care.

Ask any trichologist and they’ll let you in on a secret. Other than styling, chemical treatments, and sun exposure, hormonal changes and medications can alter the way your hair feels and looks. Usually, it becomes brittle, coarse, grey and it might even start to fall or thin out.

Here is a List Of How To Get Good Hair Growth at Every Life Stage

1. Childhood and Adolescence (0-20 years)

girl with flower braid and chignon hairstyles

This is when hair is at its healthiest. Keeping them on a good diet so that each strand gains strength and remains that way throughout their life. While they don’t really have any special shampoos, conditioners, and styling product requirements, there are a few things that should be done to keep a neat head of hair.

  • Ponytails, braids are easy, maintenance freestyles.
  • Use felt hair bands or ties instead of rubber bands.
  • If using a hairdryer, using the lowest setting possible.
  • Using dyes, sprays, relaxers during this age could lead to permanent damage.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb
  • Wash hair after swimming to wash out the chlorine

2. Early Adulthood (20-30 years)

Hair of teenage Alia Bhatt

Your early to mid-twenties are when you begin experimenting with your hair. The styles, lengths, daring haircuts and colouring or highlighting. We all want a hairstyle that unique, inspiring, and reflects our personality. Good Hair Growth will make you look even better. It could a bob, short crops; because honestly, when else are you going to rock styles like these!!

By your 30’s, you’re settled in your career and the kind of hair that looks good for you. It suits your facial features, but left a room for a little daring and might not be too girly. Lots of women try out classic style like soft waves for volume, centre parting for sleekness. Those with a really hairline may go for bangs for the nonchalant, cool look.

  • Eat healthy as these hair ‘experiments’ can take a toll on your hair.
  • Go to a good professional for the best hair advice.
  • Test out texturing sprays to create waves.
  • Be on the lookout for good hair styling products.

3. Early Adulthood (40-50 years)

curly hair girl at beach

Earlier, our moms would keep a relatively short do because they felt it was easier. Today, however, with the kind of products we have now, women are choosing to keep long hair. Think Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow; her hair is long, made to look fresh with the right hint of colour but what really makes the difference is the cut. Long hair gives the impression of youth, freshness, and healthy, shiny hair.

If you’ve got thick hair, go for layers and if you want to bring out facial features, then bangs. In your 50’s, choose a lob cut and stay away from very long hair. Hair will be naturally thinner at this stage so, keep the bangs for more volume around the face.

  • Use shampoos that plump or add volume to the hair:
  • Use a lot of shine-enhancing treatments, like essential oils, serums.
  • Add more water your daily diet to prevent dulling, dryness of hair.

4. Late Adulthood (above 60 years)

best hair color for 40 year old woman Elegant 15 Gorgeous Gray Hairstyles for Women of All Ages

Women believe that grey is gorgeous and is no longer colouring their hair. What they are doing is curling it, straightening it, or even gutting it off altogether. Think Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton.

  • Keep to current hairdos.
  • Choose one that adds movement, fullness, and soft volume.
  • Use products that add moisture, shine, and thickness to the hair.

Wavy, thin, curly, or straight: you can’t help the hair you’re born with. You can change that when you know how to. If you want to get Good Hair Growth, then you need to focus on your hair health to improve your look.

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