My Experience With Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair!

Keratin is one of the long-lasting treatments meant for removing any signs of damage. Keratin For Curly Hair isn’t hard to see why this high end, pricey hair solutions are so popular. First, the smooth, sleek, polished look suits almost everyone, every hair type and it really does fix all forms of damage, split ends, and frizz. This big difference is that keratin will fade away, the texture will remain soft and you still have the natural shine too. Straightening or re-bonding on the other hand changes the texture for good till your hair grows out.

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There is a matter of cost though, after effects, precautions, and maintenance that comes with keratin treatment. Going by what experts say, you do this to re-texturize frizzy, curly, and unruly hair. The process is slightly different from straightening and smoothening; so the results and the precautions to be taken afterwards are different too.

Choosing This Keratin For Curly Hair Treatment is a Little Less Confusing Once I’ve Explained It To You.

Complete Process

keratin treatment for hair

Keratin therapy’s main highlight is enhancing the protein structure of the hair. So this is suited for those who have thin, weak, and unmanageable hair without the artificially super straight look. Here each hair strand is sealed with a special keratin mix, boosting softness, shine, and removing frizz.

Keratin treatments are one of the beauty DIYs you should never do at home, as its solution that requires expertise to apply.

The Process Always Goes Like This:

1) First, your hair will be shampooed to remove all residues, dirt, and products that you might’ve used.

2) After this, the wet hair is sectioned off usually into half to one-inch sections. The Keratin solution is then applied to each section right from the root to the tips. Your hairdresser may comb through the hair to ensure that the product is distributed evenly and smoothly.

3) This is the part that usually takes a little time, where your hair has to air dry – usually 75% dry, while it soaks up this product. It should be covered for 20 minutes so that it soaked in the hair.

Keratin Hair treatment procedure

4) Once the hair reaches the desired dryness, it’s separated into sections and blow-dried.

5) After drying it out completely, your hair will be further straightened using a flat iron. If the person has used Keratin For Curly Hair, then the hairdresser has to run the straightener on each section several times to get the kind of smoothness, the straight effect that their client wants. If you have thinner, flatter, wavy hair then this shouldn’t take much time.

5) After 3 to 4 days, you need to go for your first wash. Firstly the professionals will iron your hair and then they wash your hair with the sulfate-free products.

How Long It Takes

Time is of the essence here and you need to set aside an entire day for this. The treatment takes a maximum of three hours, but this timing does depend on the fullness, length, and type of hair you have.

Washing your hair requires twenty minutes to shampoo and condition. Then sectioning the hair and applying keratin products requires another 30 minutes, the hairdresser will take time here because they will want to apply the solution the correct way.

Keratin treatment at salon

You need to wait almost an hour for your hair to dry out, with the product still on it and this could take time depending on how unruly, curly, and damaged your hair is or isn’t.

The thickness and volume of hair determine how much time is taken to straighten out the hair to seal in the goodness of keratin. If you have short, fine hair, then you won’t have to spend too much time in the salon. People with thicker, really very curly or damaged hair may have to sit in longer than the standard three-hour procedure.

How Long It Lasts

Usually, you have to wait for 48 hours for the product to settle in. That’s after your salon visit and you’re not supposed to get the hair wet, tie it up or place it behind your ears either. This ensures that the keratin goes right into the strands and lasts longer.

Once this waiting period is over, you need to use a special shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t contain any SULFATE. Usually, you’d get these from the salon itself, but if you want to get your own shampoo, remember to look at the labels for anything called Sulphate, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES), sodium chloride.

Products after keratin treatment for curly hair

These chemicals will strip or breakaway at the keratin coating quickly, leaving you with frizzy hair all over again. You can go with L’oreal Paris Xtenso Care Shampoo and Mask. Don’t forget to use Loreal serum after washing your hair.

After your regular shampoo, you can use a leave-in conditioner, smoothing gloss. The same rules apply for this aftercare product too. If possible, look for homemade, 100% organic products that work twice as well and actually nourish your hair, even the fresh regrowth close to the roots.

If you stick to this, Keratin For Curly Hair treatment should last you 3 to 6 months. It also depends on how often you shampoo your hair. And based on that, you can go for this treatment 2 or 3 times each year as your natural hair starts to grow out.

Heavy-duty moisturising & conditioning.Fades away quickly.
Fewer chemicals used.Doesn’t change texture completely.
Adds keratin back into the hair.Maintenance of special products is a must.
Won’t ruin the existing colour job.Regular salon visits if you want this look

What It Does For Curly Hair

hair look after keratin treatment

Anyone with curly will know that after some point, hair becomes unmanageable. Sure, we can always use hair pack, oils, and egg to remedy the situation but ain’t nobody got time for that! This one treatment resolves months of unruliness, damage, and misbehaving curls. Each strand is made more smooth and manageable and these effects last for some time before you go in for a touch-up. Keratin treatments can even be done by those who wish to keep their natural curls, bounce or prevent their waves from curling up, but wish to eliminate frizz altogether.

It’s even good for coloured hair too, as it adds more shine to the colour and seals that in as well. Post that, you can even carry on styling your hair like you normally do, if you want to, that is. And with smoother hair, styling takes half the time and less product as well.

But it might not be for everyone though. If you do have frizzy, curly hair or blow-dry/ straighten your curls, then try Keratin For Curly Hair.

If you have fine, thin hair then the keratin isn’t for you. Only because the hair won’t strong enough for the flat iron heat, the shampoo or blow-drying — all in one sitting at that. Even if you did try it, you’ll have loads of hair fall, dry scalp, and later on, brittle hair.

Keratin also isn’t for over-processed hair either. For example heavy-duty coloring like bleached, toned, blonde, or brown hair, with extensions.

I think that covers it. Consider final results, costs, and if you can manage the aftercare. This may be different from person to person. If you’ve already done this, comment below and tell me about it or your thoughts before getting Keratin For Curly Hair yourself.

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