Birthday Bucket List: 25 Things To Do Before Turning 25

Doing this was tougher than I thought. Honestly, exactly how many OTT life-altering experiences could I possibly do in the upcoming year? I needed to plan out some of those experiences for the next years beforehand. Still, I went ahead and did it anyway. Pretty soon, I was adding everything I thought would make me better emotionally and spiritually. So, without further ado, here’s my list. I’m sharing my list of Things To Do Before Turning 25 . Hope it helps, hope it inspires you to do the same.

1. Go Back to Somewhere That’s Really Nostalgic From Your Childhood.

a beautiful landscape

Like a trip to your home town, you visited when you were a kid. Only this time I’ll take a trek or pony ride to the tippy top of Naina Peak. Because only here I would find a spectacular view of the Kumaon and Western Himalayan ranges. Like I said, once in a lifetime.

2. Learn to Cook

delicious sandwich

Learn to cook at least three or four of your favourite meals really well. That doesn’t include Maggi or Wai Wai! Like butter chicken, also paranthas, kebabs and chole bhature.

3. Go to the Cinema Alone

vacant cinema hall

Go to the cinema on your own. It might sound odd adding this one on the list. But have you noticed how we’re never alone when we go to the cinema? I think what would make this more interesting is if I watched a scary movie!

4. Take Your Family Out For Dinner

girl with a mother

Take your family out for dinner, and make it a surprise. Because there’s only so many times when everyone’s together. In fact, this can be done on the birthday itself, the day you turn 25.

5. Spend the Whole Weekend Partying

group of friends partying

Spend the Whole Weekend Partying with some of your closest friends. I prefer Gurugram. I heard that the New Years bashes in these areas are great.

6. Camp Under the Stars

camp under the stars

Camp under the Stars. I just discovered these amazing camping spots around Delhi! Scenic views complete with lakes, hillsides, camping tents, forested areas. I’ll definitely find time for these.

7. Start a Saving Plan or Open an FD

things to do before turning 25

Though boring, this is always sound advice, and you’ll regret it later if you don’t. And you also need cash to be able to do these 24 other things!!!

8. Experiment With Your Look

a girl is posing

Experiment with your look, just like I did. I wanted to wear my curly hair open instead of tying it in a bun, or plait or everything else. Or maybe you can change it completely.

9. Get a Drastic Makeover

a girl has pink hair colored

Get a drastic makeover. Straight or permed hair with golden highlights. Or maybe a lob. Same goes for the make up as well.

10. Learn a New Language

things to do before turning 25

Learn a language. The ones that I’m fluent in are Hindi & English. But it would be great if you speak a language other than those you are already fluent in. Even if no one around you understands a word!

11. Plan Something With Your Best Friends

a group of friends posing

Plan something with your best friend. Well, you know that hill station trek and camping point – I don’t intend on going alone. I have taken my best friends along with me. We’ve had so many adventures, why not a few more? But this time we’ll go to the beach.

12. Become a Better Person

a girl is clicking her selfie

Become a better person by being more patient, generous and understanding. Especially with people who annoy you!

13. Stay Away From Technology For a Week

a picture of mobile phone

Stay away from technology for a week and be alone with yourself. This one might be tough, but you really should take a break from your laptop and smartphone. For better sleep, feel happier and better about yourself and a little less materialistic. And to make time for all of these life experiences.

14. Donate Blood

a woman donating blood

Donate blood. Because it’s good to help others in one way or another and hopefully save someone’s day.

15. Learn Driving

a girl driving a car

Learn Driving. It’s quite a task driving around in Delhi’s traffic. But I’ve got my sights set on something more – like an airplane or helicopter.

16. Feed the Homeless People

homeless people are eating

Feed the homeless people. Another goodwill activity in case you can’t do the others. I can sign up with an organization and help them out.

17. Do Something That Scares You.

a group of people are rafting

Do Something That Scares You. Like scuba diving with sharks. Not the tiny sharks that you see in those Singapore, Malaysia aquariums and beach resort activity packages. No, I’m talking about bigger sharks, maybe stingrays, octopus or even whales if possible.

18. Hit a Fitness Goal

athletic girl is posing

I am so conscious about my fitness and have been taking care of it since 2016. Now, it’s time for you to hit the gym for real if you are not serious about your body.

19. Start your Side Business

things to do before turning 25

I’d like to be my own boss…well, someday. Till then I need to balance my office work and building up This blog site you’re on is my own work, my passion and I hope you like it and one of the best Things To Do Before Turning 25.

20. Conquer One of Your Biggest Fears

a girl is playing with dog

Everyone’s afraid of something. What are you afraid of? Select these things and start planning now how you are going to get over that fear. The phobia can be of heights, rejection, pets, etc.

21. Vote

things to do before turning 25

I do my duty as a citizen and vote to express my political views. I’ve been doing this every year, but this time I’ll try understanding even more about politics, the work that noted politicians do, various government initiatives.

22. Practice Being Charitable

things to do before turning 25

Practice Being Charitable. I remember volunteering in a home for senior citizens. I didn’t do much there except place dishes on canteen tables, but I remember seeing the smiles and happiness on their faces. That made it worth my time.

23. Do Something Adventurous

a girl is enjoying paragliding

Do something adventurous. Like a trip where you can go bungee jumping or paragliding. Just the thrill of flying off a cliff side, soaring through the air and clouds (and birds) makes this one worth it. Though, you can visit Bir Biling for paragliding.

24. See Your Favourite Artists Perform Live

harrdy sandu performing in a concert


See your favourite artists perform live. Last time, it was DAV United Fest where I see my favourite Punjabi Pop Singer Harrdy Sandu. I am waiting for his next concert and will buy tickets for the next happening concert.

25. Do a Solo Trip

a girl is posing

A Solo trip is a must for everyone. Travelling alone can be daunting at first, but it is the most liberating experiences you can have and should definitely be on your list of Things to do Before Your 25th Birthday. I always try to explore a quiet and serene place. Like a motorbike trip to Leh, Ladakh a stunning place where you’ll find lakes, mountains, and utmost silence. Something that isn’t found in Delhi.

Enjoy the prime time of your life in your twenties and embrace all that life has to offer you. These are some Things To Do Before Turning 25 or identifying your ultimate passion. Just be you and see where life takes you for the rest of the journey.

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