How To Get Over a Breakup When You Work Together

Starting an office romance might seem to be very easy and a once in a lifetime experience. But trust me; it’s never easy even in the best of times. Trying to keep it cool at the office when you both like each other can be tough but tougher is when the relationship gets over.  It can be very messy unless you remember that after you break up with someone and you are still working with them, you shouldn’t have to quit your job, or move to a different state, and start all over again. In this piece of content, you will know How To Get Over a Breakup When You Work Together.

Dealing with breakups isn’t that easy but; breaking up with someone you still work with is a different type of breakup. According to a survey, 39% of workers have dated one of their colleagues at some point in their career, and 30% of those people went on to marry their co-workers. No wonder why offices are a breeding ground for romances. This blog is all about the few ways in which you can work professionally again with someone you broke up with.

How To Get Over a Breakup When You Work Together: 

1. Mutually Agree to Keep Your Relationship Outside of the Office From the Very Beginning

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This is very important as even if the relationship ends badly you can still maintain the co-worker status. If you take this step before your office romance blooms, this will help you more at a later time. By this uncomfortable position with your ex can be avoided in office.

2. Don’t Make it Uncomfortable For the Other Employees

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Your work relationship not only affects you but others who are working with you two. Try not to break down in the office or in front of any employee, don’t create any unnecessary scene in the office. Sobbing in the restroom or cafe is still fine until it gets noticed by someone. If it gets noticed it can be a huge problem for you.

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 3. Focus More on Your Work

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Distractions are very important during breakups. Your work is your biggest distraction, focus more on it. Even if you hear other office employees gossiping about you and your ex, ignore it, and focus on your work. Do every possible thing to get through your workday.

4. Always Take the High Road When Interacting With an Ex

How to work with someone after breakup

You can’t control the actions of your ex but, you can control yours. Don’t say anything bad about your ex. In fact, it’s all about faking. You fake it to make it. If you want to sustain your job, its best that you stay out of all the drama.

5. Never Quit Your Job

Resignation letter given by employee to boss

Keep your love and professional life separate. Never let love life step on to your professional life. Don’t let your career suffer because of a stupid breakup. Never quit. Always keep your head up and go to the office and act like nothing ever happened. It can be tough if you’re broken from the inside but such is life it has to move on.

These were some points How to work with someone after breakup. Also, you can suggest some points on how you deal with your heart break. 

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