Flying To The Land Of The Gods: Places To Visit in Lansdowne

Uttarakhand is called the land of the gods and goes back to the age of the Puranas. Pilgrims from all over India visit this place to meditate, conquer fears, relax, capture really good photos or simply to get away from it all. But, I already knew that. I went to this place and stays at The Garhwali Inn  and experience the complete hill station that could truly connect with. I discovered natural beauty and a kind of sublime spirituality too with some famous Places To Visit in Lansdowne.

Why Places To Visit in Lansdowne is Different From Others

Lansdowne travel experience

These days, scenic towns, hill stations are filled with tourists. This is the place where I could enjoy the mountains without the crowd. This is a town in Uttarakhand, known for being close to nature and beautiful in that way. I made it a point to visit these places when I was there. I also noticed a sense of calmness across the entire town, how laid-back everything was.

1. Tip & Top Point

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Tip and Top Point is one of the best Places To Visit in Lansdowne. It got this name because it is the highest point throughout the Lansdowne area. One advantage is that you can see almost the entire mountain range, and even then my cameras couldn’t capture everything. So imagine how vast these mountains really are!! I felt relaxed as I watched the sun move across the sky, the mountains as the clouds moved over it. Once the hunger set in, I went to this little cafe nearby for chai and snacks.

Best For: Awesome snapshots, some quiet time and to be by yourself.

2. Bhulla Lake

Bhulla Lake lansdown UK

Next was Bhulla Lake, located in the midst of nature and is a popular boating attraction. It’s a quiet, serene place and after a boat ride on my own, I enjoyed some local delicacies, made in their restaurant nearby, as I watched geese sipping water and frolicking in the lake. To get to this place, I had to travel about 1 km outside Lansdowne. One thing I didn’t know earlier, is that this place is actually maintained by the Indian Army! Tourists and locals alike use this lake as a picnic spot.

Best For: Boat rides, good photos, eatery, and geese!

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3. Mall Road Market

Mall road Lansdowne UK

This is on the busiest roads and is the lifeline of this town. You can still see traces of colonial buildings tucked between kitschy boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and other hangouts. Mall Road is small, but it was overloaded with surprises. I enjoyed momos, was able to find anything thanks to the extremely helpful sellers. Everything began closing down at around 7.30 and that’s when I headed to this discotheque for an hour, before heading back.

Best For: Momos, shopping, typical city life like discotheques

4. St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church Lansdowne UK

This place is located close to the Tip & Top Point and is a step back into the history of Lansdowne. It’s now a museum that showcases this history and how the church was built. There’s the St. John’s Church that’s still used by locals today.

Best For: Understanding Lansdowne history, architecture

Uttarakhand has other fun things to do. Like the mountains, lakes, rafting during the summers and skiing! The best way to enjoy them is to get out there now to actually experience them. Tell me what you loved about Lansdowne. What are the Places To Visit in Lansdowne? Feel free to share about an unforgettable journey of your own.

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