How To Spend Some Alone Time or Quality Time With Husband

Most of my friends ask me this after getting married, or after having kids- ‘how to make time for their husbands and relationships?’ I’ve thought about it and realised you’ve got to make a real effort. Earlier, it might’ve been easy to be spontaneous and just go out on a date night, movie or device on any other late minute outing. It might not be possible for you to enjoy quality time with husband, so you both have to plan things out and make that time.

Once you’re married, have work or have a kid, you have to find a baby-sitter, then plan out your entire evening so you can spend time together. But even that can be cut short because you do have to be home early. Its possible to plan out more outings. Maybe not every week, but a couple of days in a month and you could try these things to spend quality time with your partner.

1. Do Fun Simple Things At Home

Couple doing laundry plate full of delight

This is one thing you can do every day right after your kids’ bedtime or after work. Instead of heading off to your respective corners in the house, make plans to watch a movie, bake a cake or dessert, play a game or cuddle up on the couch.

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2. Keep Any Day In The Week For Yourself

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I think the weekends work best! Then, it is easy to binge-watch Netflix – I mean who doesn’t these days! In fact, call over the old friends for dinner and to catch up on things. It is great to unwind this way and de-stress, but make sure to tell your family that this day is just for you, just for your life, just to take a well- deserved break and plans with them can come later.

3. Do Fun Things Outside

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If you’re tired of being home all the time, you can go outside. You could either go to the latest blockbuster film that’s been released or try out that new restaurant that everyone’s talking about. Or if you’re in the mall, try shopping for something new.

4. If Possible, Go For a Walk, Gym or Swim Together

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It all depends on what’s available to you. You can finish all your grocery shopping, mentioned an event or thing to do that you had in mind. It’s good to do this as you have space and won’t get interrupted.

5. Joint Families Can Join The Action

dinner with joint friendly - plate full of delight

Many of my friends live in joint, extended families and there’s always a crowd! On one hand, they always have a relative or family member to hang out with, even inviting friends over whenever they can. On the other, they do request the family to give them some personal space. But what I mean is that I’m not asking you to not let anyone in your room or house, but not to keep inviting people over too often, giving them the impression that they can lounge about for as long as they can.

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5. Or You Can Try This Every Day

couple doing house hold chores together

Get ready for the day together at the same time and wind down for the day also. It might sound annoying but does keep you connected but starting and ending the day this way is one way to spend time together, or discuss your day, work schedules and even put messy rooms back in order.

6. Make a Meal Together

couple having food with love

You can do this after coming home from the office or on the weekends. Plan out some fun interesting new things to make, it could be a dish you like or something you’ve never eaten before. If cooking isn’t your strong point, enroll in a hobby class four couples like yoga, sports, gymming or even meditation.

Got some interesting points you’d like to add here on quality time with husband? Comment down below. What do you and your significant other enjoy doing? Tell me about it.

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