Easy And Affordable Monsoon Skincare Routine

Finally, it is here.”THE MONSOON”. We all love it, no?? The long months of scorching heat gifted shiny T-zone to almost everyone except for the ones with dry skin. Monsoon is the season to take care of your skin as well to maintain a healthy glow on our face.Let’s just dive into tips and tricks available for proper monsoon skincare routine in this Lockdown.

1. Exfoliation is what you have to stick to. ALWAYS.

Scrub your face plate full of delight

Never underestimate the power of exfoliation, whatever season you may be in. It is the first step of your Monsoon Skincare routine to remove the dead skin cells which include the blackheads and whiteheads. It eventually creates a canvas for proper absorption of moisture to make your skin look healthy and glowing. Exfoliation can be done with home-made scrub for which you only need honey, sugar, and lemon juice. Mix the three ingredients to form a paste and then apply it instantly to your face, neck, elbow, knuckles, etc. Next, gently massage for 3-4 minutes and rinse with water.

It’ll leave your face smoother, brighter, and most importantly, cleaner.

2. Toning Can Never be Replaced.

Face toning plate full of delight

Toning your skin prevents the signs of aging and shuts the open pores. It is a really important step because we don’t want to clog our pores and get breakouts, right?

For this step, you can use cucumber juice mixed with a few drops of rosewater with a cotton ball on your face in dabbing motion. It’ll tighten your skin and make you look radiant. Toning is the most important step of a Korean skincare routine in which they apply the toner 7 times on their face and we surely know no one can guess their age by simply looking at them!

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3. Moisturizing Does Wonder Even in the Monsoon.

moisturizer applying on face

You read it right! Humid conditions don’t guarantee the moisture to your skin. To maintain a supple and radiant look you can’t skip this for sure. Aloe Vera gel, honey with a pinch of turmeric or simply applying curd to your face equals a dollop of moisturiser that you normally use plus it is free of chemicals. Don’t forget to moisturise your skin quite a few times daily to pamper it for that glint. The more you include natural ingredients in your skincare regime the more benign it would prove for the glow that you yearn for, always 🙂

4. What You Need to Swear By is “The SUNSCREEN” Whatsoever be the Season.

Sunscreen is best for every season

People have misconceptions about applying sunscreen only in the summers. The UV rays don’t cease with the onset of monsoon! Do they? Of Course not! You have to include sunscreen in your Monsoon Skincare regime even if you stay indoors as long as it is the daytime.

You can try out the Neutrogena or the Lotus one. They are budget-friendly, have SPF 50 and even a small amount would cover your entire face. Sunscreen not only saves you from tanning but also prevents skin cancer by creating a shield against UV rays of the sun.

5. Water is an Elixir For Your Skin!

woman drinking water

No one can deny this fact that an adult human body is 60% water. Let me add more to your knowledge that skin contains 64% water and women have less water percentage as compared to men! Unfair, isn’t it?

Only we can make it even for our good by drinking lots and lots of water. Water flushes out the toxins through urine and perspiration both so it becomes our responsibility to replenish the water content in our body and eventually, in our skin. Ideally, 2 litres of fluid intake is advised but it can go up to 3-3.5 litres as per one’s sweating pattern. You can start your day with lemon and honey in lukewarm water. Trust me it does help in getting clearer skin by strengthening our digestive system because a healthier digestive tract means healthy-looking skin.

You must have found your skin problems to be evident if you face constipation issues. Just try out the water tip and let yourself discover the hidden glimmer that lies beneath your skin.

6. Why Not Indulge in Some Luxurious Experience?

Morning yoga is best for your skin

Do you also want some luxurious treatment for that gleam from within?
If your answer is yes and you don’t want to spend a hefty amount for it either, please stay with me because I’m going to tell you an easy way to avail it.

You can spend some time just by yourself and do some meditation, exercises at home or Yoga.
People mostly don’t understand the importance of these things unless they start doing it. It’s not only beneficial for skin but your entire body, mind, and soul. Stress has led people to degraded health, skin and hair problems, unproductive schedules, and numerous other issues.
It’s high time that we realise the gravity of stress-busting measures because our lifestyle has become a total plight of never-ending chores.
Let’s enjoy the rainy season and follow this Monsoon Skincare routine to get a radiant and brighter face!

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