5 Winter Skincare Tips Approved By Dermatologists

Winter is the time for cute woolen sweaters, hot coffee and tea, it’s also the time for dry, flaky skin too. So, while its cold outside and you’re done partying, there’s no better time to do some damage control with some of my favourite skincare tips for winters.

Here Is A List Of Some Special Winter Skincare Tips By Dermatologists:

1. Oil-based Regimen

essential oil for your face

Dry skin can be resolved with lotions, but I’ve noticed that some of those lotions don’t really last long. Also, moisturisation isn’t effective. So instead I use natural oils. It actually suits all kinds of skin, even the oily type, and helps it to heal from scars, minimise fine lines and wrinkles, and allow your skin to seal in moisture to prevent dehydration, but you need organic cold-pressed stuff.

Sensitive Skin – chamomile, calendula or jojoba
Dry Skin jojoba, olive oil or rose essential oil
Oily, Acne-prone Skin – coconut oil, or grape-seed oil mixed with essential oils like tea tree, lavender, neem

2. Eating Right

eating with fork and spoon

In winters, our immunity lowers and this shows on your skin. Sometimes changing your diet the right way will help. Take care of yourself internally by eating loads of fruits, veggies – specially foods rich in Vitamin E (Berries), Vitamin C (Spinach), and Zinc (Nuts). And lots of water.

What I do is supplement each meal with minimally processed, cold-pressed, organic oils like fish, evening primrose, black currant, or even extra virgin olive oil.

3. Cleanse and Exfoliate

how to cleanse and exfoliate your skin

This is one rule for my skincare tips for winters that never changes. Avoid cleansers with alcohol, fragrances in them as they strip away natural oils. Use a cream-based one that can also remove makeup.

Invest in a good cream, cleanser that gets rid of dry, dull skin. But it happens eventually really – because with that you also have exfoliation. This removes the buildup of dead skin and the skin automatically begins producing more collagen and regenerated skin cells. Using an exfoliate at least three times a week allows your moisturiser to break the barrier of your skin.

4. Routine Facials

Beautiful woman at the spa wearing a facemask - beauty concepts

Facials have to be done, at least once a week. With me, I have to try out something new each year, but notice that I keep coming back to the same thing – curds.
1. Takes about 3 tbsp of curd
2. Add sandalwood powder to it
3. Sometimes I add milk powder for the amino acids inside it
4. Mix everything an apply evenly
5.  Leave till dry and then scrub off gently

I do another luxurious face mask that works wonders when my skin is really bad. For this, I mix honey and cinnamon powder – the honey softens the skin and cinnamon pulls out dirt and improves blood circulation.

2 tablespoon honey
½ teaspoon cinnamon powder
Mix and apply with a soft brush
Keep for 15-20 minutes and massage away

5. Extra Protection

Mixed Race woman applying lotion to cheek

Two habits I have for winter are to apply lotion immediately after bathing and washing my hands. The other habit is to carry a lip balm or moisture-rich lip colour. The same goes for my clothes too – low humidity plus those strong, blistering winds can lead to uncomfortably dry skin. You need to wrap up with extra scarves, gloves, and beanie.

Winter can be made more wonderful if you are know-how. What are your skincare tips for winter season?

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