Do’s and Dont’s To Get Your Bleach Correct

We bleach our skin for pretty many reasons. Some do it to concealment of their facial hair while others do it to lessen the spots and blemishes on their skin. People with sensitive skin don’t go for threading or waxing as they find it very irritating so they go with Bleach Skin at Home! This blog is a quick outline of how to get your bleach accurate and how to get it fast.

How to bleach your face at home plate full of delight

Read On To Know Dos and Don’ts When Bleach Skin at Home: 


1. Clean your face with water before bleaching. Remove any oil or dirt on the face. Oiliness can cause the bleach to slide off your skin.

2. Tie your hair with a hairband and if you have bangs, keep them away by using bobby pins. You wouldn’t like to bleach your hair and look like a partial blonde.

girl wearing hair band before bleach

3. Follow the steps carefully and mix the contents well. Do not experiment with the quantities, put correct proportions of the bleach powder and the activator.

how to use bleaching activator and powder

4. People with sensitive skin, do a patch test before using it on your face. If you see any redness or irritation, then stay away from it.

patch test is necessary before bleach

5. Make sure to use a pre-bleach cream if it is offered with the pack. Most of the good brands of bleach come with a pre-bleach cream to protect your skin from the harsh action of the bleach.

How to bleach at home for flawless skin


1. Never mix the contents in a metal container. The metal can react with the chemicals of the bleach and can give out a different action on your skin.

how to use bleaching cream

2. Never apply the bleach on the sensitive parts like around the eyes, boundaries of your lips, and corners of the nose. It could cause irritation and burn. Rashes can also be seen if bleach is applied to these parts.

how to bleach for beautiful skin

3. Do not step out in the sun immediately after getting your bleach done. After bleaching, your skin becomes more delicate, so better to schedule your routine in a manner that you don’t need to go out in the sun after the procedure.

beautiful girl wearing hat

4. I guess you’re smart to know this advice before. Never apply the bleach on the wounds or active acne. You should leave those areas and apply the cream on the remaining parts. It can cause serious damage to your skin if applied to the inflamed and broken skin.

how to do a patch test before bleach

I hope I am successful enough to make the perfect method for bleaching clear to you. Now you can easily bleach your skin at home!

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