What You Should Know About The Coronavirus or Covid_19

The world is currently reeling under one of the worst pandemics – Coronavirus or Covid_19. It started in December 2019 in Wuhan, China and everyone thought it’s would subside or be eradicated within a month.

But, given how quickly our world works, the disease spread to other 183 countries where daily life has come to a standstill. So far, health officials have warned everyone to avoid crowded places, to stay at home if they develop flu-like symptoms.

What you should know about the coronavirus- plate full of delight

At the same time, people do have some misconceptions about the virus. So, here’s some information I gathered from sources – I’ll leave the links below – about the corona virus and ways to combat it.

What Is The Coronavirus or Covid_19?

What you should know about the coronavirus- plate full of delight

First, scientists have categorized this disease as the ‘severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2’ or SARS-CoV-2. Once a person contracts this SARS-CoV-2, they have the COVID-19 disease.

– 183 countries have been impacted and are carrying out safety protocols.
– 11,000 deaths have been officially recorded.
– Another 89,910 are recovering from symptoms but are under quarantine.
-The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified 76,936 reported cases of COVID-19 in mainland China, another 1875 cases outside China and 53 cases in the United States.
– People returning to Beijing have to stay at home under observation for 14 days. People refusing to do so are being jailed.
– Vaccination will be developed within a year but won’t be 100% effective.

Protect Yourself And Be Safe

What you should know about the coronavirus- plate full of delight

COVID-19 is new and biologists, scientists are still learning from it. It’s a fast-spreading illness and the number of those infected are likely to rise as known preventative measure is unsuccessful. The WHO defined COVID-19 as a global “pandemic” from March 11.

1. Travel Less

Avoid unnecessary travelling, either for a vacation or to work, schools, gyms, casual outings. Several schools, offices are now closed but employees are working from home and students are carrying on with online education. Stand 1 metre away from anyone who is coughing, sneezing or exhibits flu-like symptoms.

What you should know about the coronavirus- plate full of delight

Reason – When you cough, you spray liquid droplets as far as a metre. IF you’re close enough, these droplets and the virus could land on you if the person does have COVID-19.

2. Using Masks

Healthy people who do need to go outside or visit crowded places like medical centres have to wear masks. The mask should be used when caring for persons with COVID-19 symptoms if you already have a cough. Mask has to be disposed off every two days or when damp.

people travelling with masks

Reason – COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that could block sneezes, tiny viral particles and trap droplets and protect others in case you have it. This works for people with breathing ailments who are at very high risk right now. It works in conjunction with all these measures.

3. Washing Hands

prevent cross-infection by washing hands or using alcohol-based sanitiser before touching your face, eyes, ears, nose, mouths. Avoid sharing foods, bottles and other items with people.

person washing hands

Reason – sanitisers, soap, and water will kill viruses and germs that might be on your hand. Hands touch several surfaces and if left unwashed could spread germs to your face.

Meanwhile, do you your part in curbing Coronavirus or Covid_19. Stay Home, Stay Safe. – and if you’re bored you can always check out my blog. Hungry – try some recipes, tired skin – try some face packs and travel sick- read my travelogues.

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