Things to Remember Before You Marry a Merchant Navy Officer

Marriage is a very big step in any girl’s life. A girl goes through a lot of thinking and considering before she finally decides to marry someone. There are a lot of parameters that a girl already has in her while she decides to get married. A lot of these parameters depend on the occupation of the guy. So if you’re about to marry a merchant navy officer, you need to think differently and broaden your thoughts and each and every parameter minutely.

Points to Remember Before Marrying a Merchant Navy Officer:

1. Separation Anxiety

wife waiting for husband to come home

This no doubts that a girl has to undergo a lot of sacrifices in marriage. And even more, if your husband is a sailor. Because here she needs to see whether she can leave her job, her family, her house, and accompany him on-board. If at all the girl decides to stay back, a lot of emotional and mental strength is required from her end, there will be times when she’d want him and he won’t be there. She will have to let go of the support of her husband and start afresh on her own.

2. Trust

wife managing house with working and handling kids

Trust is actually the base of every marriage. It is, in fact, the most important thing, there has to be trust between husband and wife for a successful marriage. It becomes even more important when they stay apart. Navy is one such occupation which is known for wealth, wine and women. So you need to trust him when he’s away and similarly keep his trust in you intact. Trusting your partner is easy when it is love marriage because you already know that person, but when it comes to Arrange marriage, it becomes a bit difficult. So get to know the person well before marrying.

3. Family

mother and sister relationship is pure

Family plays an important role in marriages and the role is more crucial when you marry a sailor. Because when he’s not going to be around his family is going to be your support, so make good bonds with them before the marriage itself and see if you will be able to adjust with them. If you wish to start a family with him think about it very carefully, because he is not going to be there with you throughout your pregnancy.

4. Personal and Professional Life

job responsibilities of merchant navy officer

People keep their personal and professional lives different. So it is important for you to know the sailor personally as well which includes, his likes/dislikes, his hobbies, how does he spend his time when he’s not on duty. On the professional level, you need to know about his job role on the ship, his contract, and the conditions under which his family can sail with him.

5. Your Personal Lifestyle

Girl working at office

A girl has to do a lot of adjustments after marriage but that doesn’t mean you compromise on your personal lifestyle. Make your decision very carefully about what you want to do after marriage, whether you want to do a job, start a family or sail with him. Think about it and then live by your decision.

6. Positive Thinking

Positive things and having black coffee

Being optimistic about everything is the key to a happy life. Apart from the above-mentioned points the one major thing that you need to do is stay positive always. It is going to help you whenever you feel low. Never ever feel negative about any situation of life, everything happens for a reason.

7. Love

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Where there is love, there is happiness. In the end, love is what matters the most because this is what got you married in the first place. You will eventually realise that the hardships, problems, and compromises you went through were all worth it and that has made your relationship even stronger.

After knowing all the above points for marrying a merchant navy officer, you can get on the right decision.

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