Beauty Essentials To Carry When You Go For Honeymoon

The wedding is probably one of the most important events in one’s life. Everyone dreams of a picture-perfect wedding ceremony. However, it can be a very tiring experience for the couple. That is why they wish to spend some alone time together. Honeymoon is that time where you want to look beautiful, attractive and appealing. The travelling may not give you proper time to care your skin and grooming yourself. Thus you should always carry some honeymoon beauty essentials to make your marriage life beginning.

Honeymoon Beauty Essentials to Carry With You:

1. Sunscreen Is Must

Sunscreen is must for honeymoon

No matter you are going to hot or cold place, you should always carry a good sunscreen cream with you. The harmful UV rays of the sun can affect your skin badly making your skin dull and tanned. The sunscreen you pick should have an SPF 30+ or more.

2. Dry Shampoo Is the Most Convenient

Dry Shampoo Is the Most Convenient for honeymoon

You cannot manage to wash your hair every day while being on any vacation. However, having greasy and rough hair is also not acceptable on your honeymoon. Thus include a dry shampoo in your essential kit. It gives your hair and after shampoo looks making your hair silky, fuller and voluminous.

3. Under-Eye Cream for Soothing Effect

Under-Eye Cream for honeymoon

The tiredness and lack of sleep during the whole trip should not be visible on under your eyes in the form of dark circles. Therefore carry an under eye-cream in your essentials for a honeymoon. It protects the sensitive skin under your eyes from the harmful sun rays. It will moisturise your under eye area and prevents the formation of untimely wrinkles.

4. Handy Make-up Wipes

Handy Make-up Wipes in honeymoon

During travel, sometimes it is not possible to take off the makeup before sleeping. In that case, Makeup wipes can prove to be a blessing. We all know that whatever makeup we wear throughout the day must be removed before sleeping or it may cause various skin problems. Thus use makeup wipes as they are handy and convenient.

5. BB Cream for Easy Makeup Base

BB Cream for Easy Makeup Base for honeymoon

You must have applied heavy makeup bases for various functions of your wedding ceremony. However, it is not possible to use lots makeup as makeup base during the honeymoon. Thus prefer using BB cream. It is an all-purpose cream which is easy to apply and gives all natural look. You can use it in both day and night for an instant glow.

6. Lip Balm is an Essential

Lip balm is important for honeymoon

You can never forget carrying a good lip balm no matter where ever you are going. It makes your lips more moisture and hydrating. The problem if chapped lips can also be eradicated by using a good lip balm. You can also replace your lipstick with coloured Lip Balms during your honeymoon. Pick a lip balm contains SPF protection to protect your lips from the harmful sun rays as it can darken your lips.

7. Hair Spray for That Salon Look

Hair Spray for honeymoon

You just simply can’t manage your hair during travelling. Setting the hair in a particular style also becomes time taking. In that case, a Hair Spray comes to your rescue. It is a must-have grooming product during travel which holds your hairstyle at the place. You can apply it on both dry and wet hair to get the desired look. In whatever style you keep your hair whether straight, curled or waved, just apply a little hairspray onto them.

8. Perfumes Are Not To Be Forgotten Things

Perfumes are must during travel. You may not smell good due to the sweat, dust, and pollution faced during travel. Thus you will need some good fragrance to feel refreshed and clean. Carry perfumes with mild fragrances for your honeymoon. Prefer carrying those small pocket perfumes.

These are just a few honeymoon beauty essentials you need to carry when you for honeymoon. They are the basics that will help you stay fresh and beautiful.

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