Congratulations, You Are A Bridesmaid! Here are Some tasks You Have Signed For

Being a bridesmaid is such a big honour and so much fun. It all depends on the type of wedding that is happening with fun it can be a lot of hard work too at times. Beings a bridesmaid means to agree to a long list of responsibilities. You are part of the Bride Tribe and you are expected to plan as well as attend all the pre-wedding ceremonies as well as parties. This blog is going to help a lot of bridesmaids as I have listed Bridesmaid Job, tasks, and responsibilities that need to be taken care of if you are the bridesmaid. Try Doing Everything On The List And No One Can Stop You From Being The Best Bridesmaid Ever!

Try Doing Everything On The List for Bridesmaid Job:

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Pre- Wedding Duties of a Bridesmaid

  1. First and foremost, create a WhatsApp group with the bride and all the bridesmaids
  2. Keeping on Checking in with the couple regularly (at least your bride) – offer practical help as often as you can.
  3. If required you can visit the wedding venue with your bride and help her in making decisions on layout and decor
  4. Help with wedding DIY sessions
  5. Make yourself available for wedding dress shopping and fittings
  6. Make all the pre-wedding events an excuse for cake and cocktails
  7. Book some pre-wedding pampering with your bride – tan, nails, waxing, facials, etc
  8. Make sure to buy a wedding gift in advance

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Bridesmaid Duties During The Wedding Week

• If you can, try to take a couple of days off work so you’re available to help her out
• Attend all her beauty appointments with her
• You can offer help to pick or drop her to places where she needs to go for the last minute shopping and pampering
• Make sure you have all the right dresses, heels and accessories you need
• Most important, help your bride in packing
• Prepare an on-the-day emergency kit ( Bride can need it anytime)
• Prep a wedding morning playlist and don’ forget to prepare your dance number for her wedding
• Help diffuse any pre-wedding stress or tensions
• Be updated with the schedule of the wedding rituals: their time and date.

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Bridesmaid Duties On The Wedding Day

• Help her in and out of cars, or downstairs if she needs assistance with her heavy bridal dress
• Fix her dress and veil throughout the day, such as at the top of the aisle, or when posing for photos
• Take her gift and bouquet for the ceremony
• Help to collect family members up for photos
• Pay any suppliers you’ve been asked to pay
• Carry an emergency kit and the bride’s lipstick. Also if any touch up is needed to help the bride with that
• Be attentive and Assist her in going to the washroom, if required
• Ensure everyone gets clicked in the photo booth
• Be the first one to jump on the dance floor and encourage others to keep it filled for the night!

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Along with all this, you can always ask her parents and relatives for any type of help they need. You have to make her wedding a hit and memorable with your Bridesmaid job. 

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