Reasons Why Turmeric Milk Is Offered On The First Night

We all Indians believe and follow rituals without even knowing the reason behind it. While some of them are plain hogwash and others have some genuine reasons. The concept of turmeric milk on the first night in the next category. There is a scientific reason behind this tradition. Read to know the exact reason behind it. The milk that is offered to the newly-weds includes crushed almonds and saffron. However, many of us put crushed almonds and pepper or fennel juice or crushed almonds in the milk.

Reasons why bride offers turmeric milk on the first night to groom:

1. Considered Auspicious

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As per the Hinduism, milk is a substance which is so pure and is considered to be very auspicious. Hence, the couple should start a new beginning of their life with drinking this perfect drink.

Turmeric milk on the first night

Where Did This Come From?

According to many texts, Kama Sutra included these inventions to boost the stamina and energy of the couple during intercourse. This was done to make the first night experience more memorable. Putting ingredients like honey, fennel juice, pepper, turmeric in milk is so obvious but offering this on the first-night idea is came from none other than Kama Sutra scripts and somehow found its path into the Hindu tradition.

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Why This Creation?

Wedding makes the couple feel so lazy and tired, the crushed almonds, saffron and milk are meant to give energy to the couple. Almonds and milk both are a good source of protein and gives strength to our body. Proteins are responsible for making hormones like estrogen and testosterone, which lead to a better sexual experience.

Act As Stimulating Sexual Desire

This mixture is considered to be an aphrodisiac which means drinking milk on the first night boosts libido and sex drive. Milk, crushed almonds, and saffron are a powerful combination which gives immediate energy to our body.

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Hope, now you know the logic behind turmeric milk on the first night.? 

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