8 Questions to Reveal Whether You are an Alcoholic or Not

When it comes to talking about alcohol, no one will admit that he is an alcoholic. From the first drink of life till now, you may have taken many drinks but it’s difficult to know whether it became your habit or not. Not a problem this article will help you out, you will come to know about the 8 questions which will determine whether you are an alcoholic or not.

Questions To Reveal You Are An Alcoholic or Not:

1. Can you cancel the plan if alcohol is not included?

beer glass in a party

If you usually cancel the party because there is no alcohol, then you are an alcoholic. If you think alcohol must be included as it’s a drink for an adult then also you are definitely an alcoholic.

2. Did you increase the number of glasses?

alcohol addiction is bad for your health

If you think that you are drinking more alcohol than previously to reach that same level of enjoyment, so you are an alcoholic. People who consume alcohol regularly get habitual and the body does not feel drunk in a few less quantity, so they need more to feel enjoying. This is one of the important indications that you became an alcoholic.

3. Do you drink more than you promised?

Man drinking beer and smoking

If you are one of those who promise themselves not to drink much but actually get blackout, then you are an alcoholic. It happens only when you come up with drinking as your habit and can’t stop drinking.

4. Opening a bottle is the end goal of your day?

Too much alcohol will harm your health

If you think a bottle of alcohol can only end your day happily then it would really difficult for you to stop the drinking habit. This is one of the major signs that you are an alcoholic.

5. Do you feel guilty every time you drink?

alcohol can harm and damage your health

Normally, people go to the party once in a while and have to drink, they never guilty for that but the case is different for an alcoholic. If you feel guilty every time he will drink and the next day he will again go for a drink.  This indicates that you are in the list.

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6. Do you hide the drinking bottles from others?

too much alcohol means you are alcoholic

This is also a sign of whether you are alcoholic or not. If you start drinking with your friends and you run to be the last one to finish the bottle, then you are definitely an alcoholic.

7. Do you drink till you get blackout?

drinking till you blackout

If you go to a party to drink and your goal is to become blackout rather than enjoying the party then you are truly an alcoholic. A normal person will drink only limited glasses wherein he feels enjoying the party but alcoholic motive is different.

8. Do you tell lie about the number of drinks you had?

girls chilling in a party

While sitting with your friends enjoying the party and having drinks, if you had a number of drinks than your friends then it indicates that you are an alcoholic.  Even when someone asks you about the drink you simply tell lie to them that you had only a few.

People start drinking from a glass of alcohol but often do not ends, its because they made it a part of their living. An alcoholic feels enjoying only drinking which makes him weaker from inside. A day comes when it causes a serious health issue, only then he understands how dangerous it is.

This article was just to inform you that whether you are an alcoholic or not if all your answers are yes even then you can change yourself.

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