Fun Ways to Predict Your Baby’s Gender

Are you pregnant and curious to know your baby’s gender? If yes, we have come up with some fun ways, through which you can know what’s inside your womb. Some will resort to old wives tales to predict their baby’s gender. But, are those tales reliable? We don’t know whether you have predicted the baby’s gender in the right way or not. Thus, here are some easy ways through which you can predict your baby’s gender. Read them below.

Super fun ways through which you can predict your baby’s gender

1.  Chinese Birth Chart Predictor

pregnant woman

While the exact date will not be predicted but this predictor will be one of the fun ways, through which you will be able to predict your baby’s gender. This birth chart will be simple as it sounds. It is based on the mother lunar conception month and the Chinese lunar age when the baby is conceived.

2. High Bump or Low Bump Criteria

size of baby bump

This is the other fun way, through which you can predict your baby’s gender. For instance, if you have a high bump, then you are likely to carry the girl, while the bump is low, then you will be carrying a boy.

3. Morning Sickness

morning sickness during pregnancy

If you are having too many gags in the morning and you feel nauseated then you are going to have a girl. If it will not be the bad one then you have to be a baby boy.

4. Ramzi Theory

how to reveal gender

This is another fun method that helps to predict the baby gender. If you have a baby girl or baby boy, this will be predicted with earlier six weeks. For this method, you can make use of a 2D ultrasound picture to see on which side the placenta is. Depending on the position of the placenta, you will be able to predict the sex of your baby.

5. Take Help From the Baby Quiz

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If you are looking for a fun baby quiz then you can easily analyze your ultrasound scans or know exactly when you conceived. This will be a simple and light-hearted quiz where you will be able to determine the baby’s gender. You can keep guessing and know that it might help with choosing the baby names.

6. Soft Hand vs. Dry Hands

How to predict baby gender

This will be the other fun way, through which you can predict the gender of your baby. Just the softness and tenderness of your hands will help you predict that this might be a baby girl. If you have dry hands during your pregnancy then it will be suggestive that you will have a boy.

7. Sleeping Position

sleeping pregnant woman

Yes, this is true. If you sleep more on your left then you are likely to have a baby boy. The other side will help you to predict that you have a baby girl.

8. Clumsy or Graceful

pregnancy tips for mother and father

You might barely expect that pregnant woman that is graceful. If you find the pregnant woman to be graceful despite having all the struggles, then we suggest that you will be blessed with a baby girl. While the clumsy woman will have a baby boy.

9. Skull Theory

ultrasound picture of pregnancy

The skull theory for baby gender prediction will be a bit closer to the one you get with scanning photos. Thus, for this method, you will need a 12-week scan photo. This method will work on the principle of the cranial differences between men and women.

10. Moody Mother

mood swings during pregnancy

The mother will get moody during pregnancy will be an indicator that she will definitely have a baby girl. You will notice these mood swings in your first three months. Otherwise, you will have a baby boy.

I hope, these fun ways to predict your baby’s gender will be helpful to you.

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