Finally! After 54 Years Bareilly Gets Its Jhumka

When you see it, it will make you think about Asha Bhosle’s hit song ‘jhumka gira re, Bareilly ki bazaar mein!’ While Bhosle might’ve immortalised the district using her unique voice, it seems like the state of Bareilly wishes to do the same too!! How? By creating Bareilly Jhumka one of a kind tourist attraction!

Here Is Why Bareilly Jhumka Famous?

The Tourist Attraction

This is, of course, the creation of a huge jhumka, something that has been much awaited for. It was unveiled this month amid much fanfare, by the Union Minister and Santosh Gangwar, the local MP. So, back to the jhumka itself – it is over 14 feet high and has been installed on the National Highway 24 in the Parsakhera area on Saturday. It weights over 200 kgs and has been embedded with colourful stones and of course, Zari embroidery, famous out here in Bareilly.

Who Designed It?

city of bareilly got its jhumka

The actual design, decoration concept, and location were decided by the authorities, but skilled artisans made it all possible. These people worked around the clock, diligently to make the jhumka as stunning as it is. But this big jhumka costed some big buck too – to the tune of Rs. 18 lakhs all funded by the BDA – Rs. 8 lakhs for the actual jhumka and the other 10 lakhs for the beautification of the surrounding landscape.

The plan also involves three surma, or kohl bottles around the main structure. They will be kept on parapet walls on the round about and kept floodlit. As for the jhumka, is a yellow, shiny 20-foot gold dangler with brown emblems, and a hook. It has an 8-foot diameter all in a brass cast in Moradabad, famed for its gold. The original design concept blueprint was made by a Gurugram artist.

bareilly got its jhumka

One thing to note is that the BDA never used any government money or funding to build this project. Even at times, when they faced a money crunch. Sources say that over 60 lakhs had been spent in total to keep the project alive.

Divya Mittal, the vice-chairperson of the BDA said that the jhumka had been delayed for some time. Reasons for the same had been unavoidable but had nevertheless kept the project on hold from 1990. But, the collaborative efforts between the Rohilkhand Medical College, Bareilly International University, residents nearby helped to infuse new ambition into the project. They helped by collecting, arranging for funds and now Bareilly has a beautiful, new landmark.

Why Bareilly?

railway platform of bareilly

During the unveiling, both the Union Minister and Bareilly MP Santosh Gangwar commented on the creation. They said that it will play a big part in helping tourists identify Bareilly, what it does and eventually become a part an iconic and mark. Gangwar also mentioned, at the inauguration, how the commendable the collaborative efforts between authorities, residents, various organizations were. That the jhumka was both unique and beautiful.

Apparently, this big jhumka has attracted even bigger attention. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mentioned the famous song at the Kisan Kalyan Rally held here. To connected with the coward’s present, he said that he had never been to the place before but had definitely heard about it in the ‘Jhumka gira re’ song. He even recalled Azad asked him whether Bareilly’s ‘jhumka’ has been found or not. Modi said that he would now tell him that it has indeed.

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