How To Make Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Mango is considered as the ‘King of Fruits’ and for all the right reasons. Nobody could say no to mangoes. This tasty fruit is versatile and could be used to make various dishes, especially a variety of desserts. You can also make mango ice cream recipe at home with this amazing fruit.

For all those who are fond of eating mangoes, it’s time to give a twist to your mango-eating sessions. Why not make an amazing mango ice-cream and relish it to your heart’s content? Mango ice creams are delicious. The combination of cream and pulpy mango hits right on your taste-buds. You don’t have to buy your favorite mango ice-cream from the ice-cream parlor anymore. You can prepare mango ice cream at home with our easy-peasy Mango ice cream recipe and serve it cool to your family or guests. No, you don’t need any special ingredients to make this ice-cream.

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Here is our detailed mango ice cream recipe that serves two:

Ingredients Required:

1. 1 cup of milk
2. 3 cups of cream (whipped)
3. 1 cup of finely pureed mango
4. 1 cup of finely chopped mango
5. 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence
6. 1 tablespoon of custard powder
7. 1 cup/ 360 grams of sugar.

homemade Mango-ice-cream


Step 1: Take a pan and heat the milk and sugar together. Let the sugar dissolve in the milk. Keep stirring the mixture until it comes to a fine boil.

Step 2: Mix custard powder with some water/milk, and then add it to the mixture. Simmer this preparation for a minute. Switch off the gas and let it cool at room temperature.

Step 3: Add mango puree, mango pieces, as well as vanilla essence to the preparation. Mix all the ingredients well and transfer them to a container with a tight lid.

Step 4: Freeze your preparation for a minimum of 6-7 hours. While freezing this ice cream, you need to make sure that the container is packed tightly with the lid.

Step 5: Take out the ice cream from the freezer, blend it or whip it using a beater. Put it in the container again and lock it with a lid. This step is performed to avoid the formation of crystals in your ice cream.

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Step 6: Freeze the ice cream until it is fully ready. Take it out and serve a scoop each in an ice-cream bowl.

You can further decorate this mango ice cream with a mint leaf or some dry-fruits on the top. This arrangement may make your ice-cream look more presentable. The above-listed mango ice cream recipe is highly delectable. Give it a shot!

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