Dear would be, please don’t judge me for these 5 things

We all girls have some dreams and expectations about the man with whom we are going to spend our whole life. Wait, if you are thinking we are demanding then you are totally wrong, but we just want some little things from our life partner. Being a girl, I also have some expectations from my special one. I have made a list for him to Never Judge Your Partner.

If you want a happy married life, never judge your partner for these little things:

1. My Past Relationships

how to deal with your breakup

Everyone suffers from some worst relationships and so had I, but I don’t regret having them. I rather thank them for giving me such experience so that now I have a clear-cut standpoint of what I want in a relationship. The past experience actually helped me a lot in making the right choice of my life partner.

2. My Independence

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Dear would be, you are going to spend your whole life with an independent girl. She is not only financially independent and professionally successful but also loves travelling and can even fix a punctured car tyre by herself. Rather than feeling bad about her independence, you should be proud that you are going to marry a girl who will not bother you for small things. In fact, she might stand by your side whenever you need it.

3. My Pay

Young woman making the V sign with the sea in the background

I am ready to contribute towards all the expenses to ease the burden of finance from your head. But please don’t mind if I spend some of my income on my friends and family. Please keep away from me if you have any issues with my shopping habit. I don’t want anyone to come between me and my shopping. This is because it motivates me to do more good at work.

4. Household Chores

couple helping each other with Household chores

Dear future hubby, I really don’t like cooking food, but I will do it for our family, so it should be your responsibility to help me out with this activity. I hope you won’t mind making the food, if I turn up late from work or when I am not well. And yes, please don’t overreact when I ask you to help me with household chores. I believe you understand the concept of equality.

5. Spending Time with my Parents

spending time with in laws

I do understand that I have some responsibilities towards your family, but please don’t forget I left my parents behind to start a new life with you. If in case, I spend some happy time with my family, then don’t take me as an irresponsible wife. I accept your family and the same rule will go for you.

I believe you will not never judge your partner and I will love you for this. So, we have a deal. Right?

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