Why Girls These Days Prefer A ‘No Kajal’ Look?

If you carefully notice girls these days, their obsession of applying Kajal has lessened. Mostly girls are seen spotting the No Kajal Look and they prefer keeping their makeup natural and subtle. Kajal has been bided a goodbye by a lot of girls and it doesn’t seem that they want it back in their lives. But why is this happening? This blog will actually help you in understanding that better.

Starting from the basic, Kohl or Kajal or even referred to as Water liner is a black pigment that helps in highlighting the waterline of the eyes. It is believed that by applying Kajal, the eyes tend to look bigger. But this conception is totally wrong, in fact, Kajal makes your eyes look even tinier than they usually are.

Here is Why Girls Prefer No Kajal Look:

Eyes without kajal

All girls have to agree on this point that since they were in grade 8th or 9th they have been applying Kajal and in all forms. Obviously, after a certain point of time, it becomes boring. Also, these days there are advanced gel eyeliners that are long-lasting. Kajal, on the other hand, is never smudge free.

Applying Kajal can also accentuate your dark circles. Removing Kajal is a whole lot of a job. You have to remove it until the entire black residue is gone. This can be tiring and might even hurt your eyes. If not removed properly the Kajal stays there and might create a black lining that definitely highlights your under eye. Instead of Kajal, you can opt for mascara. It makes your eyelashes look bigger and more dramatic and it’s easier to remove also.

Lakhme eyeconic kajal plate full of delight

Kajal not being smudge-proof can actually spoil your makeup, especially in summers. It starts falling and all your base might get messy because of it. Eyeliners and mascara, on the other hand, are much better and never spoil your make up.

Why You Should Stop Wearing Kajal Immediately?

  • They do more harm than they do good to you. Some Kajal manufacturers or brands might not use good ingredients and Kajal can end up harming your sensitive skin. But if you are still obsessed with Kajal, you can opt for herbal based Kohl or make your own Kohl.

Patanjali kajal

  • Homemade or self-made Kajal is much better for the skin and even lasts long. The common ingredients needed to make Kajal include coal, almonds and necessary oils.

How to make homemade kajal at home

  • No matter how much the brands stress on the word ‘Smudge proof’, we all end up with a little bit of product to scrap off using makeup remover. Yes, they might last long but whats the benefit when you just can’t remove them easily at the end of the day?

that smudge look after wearing kajal

  • The world has moved on. Yes, you won’t find any celebrity using Kajal these days it’s just out of fashion. Not even the Kardashians use it anymore!

kim kardashian in no kajal look

Now you know why No Kajal Look is so in these days? And if you don’t, I hope this blog was able to convince you to switch to better alternatives!

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