Simple Tips To Lose Weight During #Corona Quarantine

Yes, you’re right! This is the topic or at least the version of this segment is trending the Internet nowadays. So here we are offering our spin at it. First of all, this is a testing time. It turns out that being locked in our homes is not as much fun as we thought it to be. Rather, it is proving to be nightmarish even to the most seasoned introverts around the world. With each passing week, it is taking a toll at our psyche. Do you know what it means? It means that it leaves us with no options but to stay strong. And what better way there is to stay strong than staying fit? So today we will be sharing Simple Tips To Lose Weight.

List of Some Easy And Simple Tips To Lose Weight:

Tip 1 – Stay Hydrated

hydration is a must plate full of delight

Let’s start with a simple one. Just start taking more water from now on. Surprised? Well, you should not be. Because it’s a scientific fact that drinking more water helps you lose weight. How? It can help you in five ways:

Five ways of drinking more water help you lose weight:

1. Drinking more water helps you burn more calories when you rest. According to studies, you can burn up to 24% to 30% more calories within 10 minutes of taking water.
2. If you level up your water intake it will reduce your hunger. Thus you will eat less. Studies have proven that if you take a glass of water a few minutes before every time you are about to have a meal for three months straight you will likely burn 44% more calories.
3. If you have managed to get yourself in a habit of drinking more water you will need less tea, coffee, or soft drinks. In simpler words, you are replacing calorie induced drinks with calorie-free drinks.
4. A healthy intake of water aids you to get more lean muscles. As you may know, human muscles are 80% water. So, yes. It helps you grow muscle.
5. Drinking more water helps you release more toxins out of your body. As a result, you place your body in a better atmosphere to accumulate more
So these were five ways of how water helps you lose weight. Dieticians highly recommend this point in their tips to lose weight easily.

Tip 2 – Home Workout

home exercises plate full of delight

In this section, we will list up a few easy exercises to weight loss. Moreover, this set of exercises will straighten up your posture, strengthen your back, and aid your digestive system. Here it goes.

• Jumping Jacks:

jumping jacks plate full of delight

First come to the starting position. Keep your feet together and your arms by your sides, then jump up with your feet apart and your hands overhead. Return to the starting position then repeat the process. Do it 30 times at a go.

• Heel Touch:

heel touch plate full of delight

Lie on the ground with your legs bent and your arms by your sides. Slightly lift your upper body off the floor and make your hands alternately touch your heels. Do it 20 times at a time.

• Plank:

plank plate full of delight

Lie on the floor with your toes and forearms on the ground. Keep your body straight and keep the position for about 30 seconds.

• Cobra Stretch:

Relaxing yoga plate full of delight

Lie down on your stomach and bend your elbows with your hands beneath your shoulders. Next thrust your chest up off the ground as far as feasible. Likewise the plank you need to hold the position for 30 seconds.

These are some Simple Tips To Lose Weight and generic exercises specified to strengthen your core, back, and blood flow. However, we are unaware of any physical conditions you may have. We recommend you consult a physician beforehand.

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