Reasons Why The Uttarakhand Culture is Famous All Over The World

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Uttarakhand is a famous state of India that is well-known not only for its beauty but also for its rich culture. Many of us are aware of the charm of this place whereas some are still not familiar with it. For those people, I am sharing this blog where I am highlighting some of the Pahadi cultures. If you are thinking why I am focusing on Uttarakhand culture too much, then the reason behind is that I belong to this place only and I love being a Pahadan.

Here are some points about how the Uttarakhand Culture can amaze and attracts you towards its beauty.

1. Festivals

reasons why the culture of devbhoomi is famous- plate full of delight

The people of Uttaranchal have a great passion for the festivals. There are many festivals which people of Devbhoomi celebrate while many of the non- pahadi are unaware of. And the festivals are Harela, Makar Sankranti, Janopunyu, Basant Panchami, Phool Dei etc. All these festivals are enjoyed by the peoples and the most important thing is that most of these festivals are celebrated at the time of change of seasons.

2. Cuisine

reasons why the culture of devbhoomi is famous- plate full of delight

3. Nathuli

reasons why the culture of devbhoomi is famous- plate full of delight

Where all over the world, women use different cosmetics such as lipstick, kajal, and jewellery to enhance their beauty, a Pahadi women can attract many hearts by wearing the Pahadi Nath. Pahadi Nath has become a fashion statement and is available in different designs in the market. These naths come in bigger sizes in comparison to normal naths. This gold nath is quite popular and spotted in many of the Pahadi weddings or functions.

4. The Charm of Pichhora

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This garment is worn by the kumaoni women who are married as it is a sign of marriage. Pichorra is passed on from one generation to the other and is the attire which is worn by the women in Kumaon region. This small piece of cloth adds charm and increase the beauty of the women. It is basically the combination of two colours which is a symbol of good luck to the newlywed bride for her married life ahead.

5. The Tip-Tapping Songs

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The pahadi songs are one which is enjoyed by both pahadi and non-pahadi people. Your feet will start tapping on the beats of the euphonious pahadi music. Any pahadi function is incomplete without the songs such as Bedu pako baramasa, Tak Taka Tak Kamla, Furki band etc. These days Cheta ki Chaitwal is mostly played in the Pahadi functions.

If you have a pahadi friend or ever get an opportunity to be with the pahadi people, you can connect these points with them. If you like this blog, comments down in the section below and keep following us for updates related to Uttarakhand culture.

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