Holi 2019: These Facts about Holi Festival Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

Holi, the celebration of spring and all the colours brings something you see in India and Nepal, but there are a lot of people that celebrate it all over the world. This is the day that is filled with energy: both old and young people enjoy dousing each other with colour. Some people think about travelling, whether it’s to see family friends who might not be living in the same city. Others celebrate this burst of colours at home, amidst sweets food and warm wishes… Wherever you are, I can guarantee you’d agree with me on these Facts About Holi Festival that make it even more fun.

 facts about holi will blow your mind - plate full of delight

Facts About Holi Festival Will Definitely Blow Your Minds!

1. First is The Weather That’s Just Right

a man is playing holi

I mean, it’s perfect! You know how hot it can get later on during the summer, but now it’s neither too hot nor humid. So you can enjoy playing with colour outside comfortably and not really bother about sweating, grit, grime, and sun hitting your eyes and everything else that makes the hot weather absolutely yuck!

2. The Bonfire In The Evening

the bonfire at night

A day prior to the big event, a bonfire is lit and people begin dancing around it. This symbolises the vanquishing of evil when Lord Vishnu destroyed the demon princess called Holika in a fire.

3. It’s a Technicolor Scene Everywhere You Go

girl's face is covered with colors

Spring is in full swing and the Gulmohar trees outside your home are in full bloom. There’s a strong scent of gardenia flowers wafting in from the neighbours garden, as the warm dry winds make their way across your room. The same can be said for the rest of the country as flora and fauna begin waking up across boundaries. Holi is a celebration of all these small, wonderful things that nature brings us, of new life and what better way than with colour powder, water balloons and the like. And it doesn’t stop there, several homes begin decorating their floors with Rangolis and local stores are painted over with vibrant colours.

4. It’s as If All Of Us Turned Into Little Kids

children are playing holi

Or at least act like one!!! The main event involves lots of running while trying to aim pichkaris at your siblings. Even mom, dad, chaacha, chachi join in the fun. We all get messy, but isn’t that the best part?

5. Pichkari Fights

 facts about holi will blow your mind - plate full of delight

Some part of that celebration involves those annoying pichkaris. No Holi celebration would be complete without it. What’s even more fun is that the liquid colours used in them never seems to come off at all. When Dad’s back is out and he can’t join the rest of the family downstairs, he sits with a pichkari on the balcony aiming at well, everyone!

6. Water Baloon Fights

a bucket filled with water baloon

The balloons are what you use when you run out of pichkaris or if the pichkari breaks. They can sting you so you better learn how to dodge them or run really fast and really far!!!

7. Thandai and Lassi

a guy is having thandai

Thirsty and tired after running around pelting everyone with balloons and colours? Well, that’s when you drink a full glass of super chilled lassi. That’s the only way you can re-energise yourself for the next pichkari war. Some kids prefer puchkas, dahi vada, and papri chaat.

8. Special Lunch Dedicated To The Day

 facts about holi will blow your mind - plate full of delight

This is the part where your mom takes over. First, it’s a round of coconut ladoos and pakodas as your relatives begin pouring in. During lunch, you’re given chana masala with rice or puris and dal makhani. This restaurant quality meal is ended with desserts like coconut ladoos or malpuas.

9. Let’s Not Forget Your Friends Too

two girls playing holi

The truth is that almost anyone can join in the fun as there’s no age limit, gender bias, what you can or cannot wear. Just be yourself. Sometimes you might not be able to recognise your friends because they’ve got so many colours on them. The odd part is that you might mistake someone else as your friend and end up showering them with colours. Embarrassing but still fun! These Facts About Holi Festival will always make people wait for it.

10. There is a Holi Party Everywhere You Go

women are playing holi with colors

If you think you’re done with merry-making at home, you’re wrong! Take one step to your neighbour’s home across the street from your residence and you’ve officially been invited to their party! Bigger hotels and clubs have their own packaged offerings too. Most are free while some are not, just make sure you save yourself a seat.

11. A Sweet Nothing Called Gujiya

sweets served in a tray

During this time, thousands of boxes filled with sweets begin circulating around homes, families, colleagues, relatives, and friends. The order of the day is the timeless Gujiya, but you will find loads other goodies too. Here in West Bengal, you’ll get Ras Malai, rosogollas, bhang ladoos, kaju burfis.

12. That Never-Ending Shower

a girl playing holi

After playing Holi for hours, you decide to wash up. That’s the shower that never ends and you keeping on going till you think you’ve got most of the colours out. The colours might not come off easily but that had to the best, most relaxing shower of your life.

13. Bhaang Filled Masti With Friends

 facts about holi will blow your mind - plate full of delight

This is more for the younger crowd that’s still in college. Once they are done celebrating with their family, they go out to visit their friends and enjoy a couple of beers and hang out till late hours.

14. It’s The Best Day Time Party Ever

 facts about holi will blow your mind - plate full of delight

And it is fun for everyone involved. When you put together all the factors, the sentimental and the psychedelic, it really is the greatest party one can throw. There are fun, games, cold drinks and everyone is covered in colours. The best part is that each family gets to customise their Holi experience, making it truly their own.

Hope, now you get to know about the Facts About Holi Festival as it really is pretty unique, and you probably won’t find this anywhere else. On one side it’s colourful and boisterous festivities wrapped up in several deities, myths and legends. On the other side you have traditional dances, loud music, and bright abeer, gulal all around you.

Got any special traditions and Facts about Holi Festival? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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