10 Best Series on Netflix You Must Watch

With the lockdown implementation in every country, people tend to get more engaged in watching binge shows. Thankfully, throughout 2020, Netflix continued to provide its subscribers the best series and shows with a huge range of quality. Here, we are going to discuss the best series on Netflix that you catch up with to get anticipated episodes.

So, let us get started with the best series on Netflix.

1.  Love and Anarchy

love and anarchy netflix

This amazing Swedish series is the story of a career-driven consultant that is a married mother of two children. Her new challenge of updating an old publishing house starts with the things that question modern-day life. You will definitely enjoy this raunchy odd-comedy drama filled with interesting challenge tasks.

2. Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta?


Netflix comes up with one of the most famous and controversial true crime cases that follow the documentary of Marta’s death. This 50-year-old woman found dead in the old tub, and professionals believed this is an accident, while the police investigate and find it as a murder. So, watch this crime series to get a revelation about who is behind this death.

3. White Teeth

White Teeth

These four parts series have been added recently on Netflix. Based on the famous novel named by Zadie Smith, this impressive series attracts significant subscribers with its engaging piece of work.

4. Cursed


Cursed is a series of the powerful lady with magical abilities who is destined to become a magical lady of the lake. This series is considered one of the best series on Netflix and become famous among visitors.

5. Ratched


Want to watch a psychological thriller? Ratched suits perfect for those interested in psychological dramas. This Netflix new series is a psychological thriller that is based on the origin story of a nurse named Mildred Ratched.

6. New Girl

New Girl

If you love to watch comedy series, then this one is best for you. The New Girl series is another best series on Netflix that is based on a girl going through lockdown. You can enjoy the light comedy in this series that comes with tricky hilarious situations.

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7. The Haunting of a Hill House

The Haunting of a Hill House

You can watch this gothic horror series on Netflix, which gives you a gripping and terrifying experience. This amazing horror story is embedded with various paranormal activities that will blow up your mind.

8. Challenger: The Final Flight

Challenger The Final Flight

This amazing series is based on the documentary of the tragedy that reshapes the space program. You will see the disasters that come in the way of astronauts and how they keep them up with the mechanical failures.

9. The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix 2020

The series focuses on the life of an orphan chess prodigy and its struggles with her addiction. This amazing series on Netflix is based on the Walter Tevis 1993 novel named the same as the series name. You would definitely love the journey of the girl that becomes the master in chess.

10. Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris series on Netflix

If you love to watch comedy-drama, then Emily in Paris is one of the best series on Netflix that suits your mood. It is based on the marketing executive that lands in Paris and realizes that her job comes with new challenges each day. This story is filled with comedy, challenges, love, and adventures that you would love to watch.

So, these are some best series on Netflix of 2020 that you must watch. There are various other series as well that would be fun to watch on Netflix. Tune-up with us to get amazing updates on various topics.

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